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World Sleep Day: Sleep Tips from the Most Well-Rested Countries

In the fast-paced life of modern America, sleep often comes in second to the demands of high-stress jobs and the increasing demand to be digitally engaged for almost all tasks. One in three Americans suffer from sleep deprivation and, as of 2023, the USA was ranked 20th in the world for sleep quality.


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On this World Sleep Day, let's shine a light on the significance of quality sleep! Join us in exploring the lifestyles and sleep habits of the top 4 countries for the best sleep quality. Discover how we can all catch better Zzz's in the USA!



Top 4 Countries with the Best Sleep Quality

In the quest for the best sleep quality around the globe, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland consistently top the charts. Some popular trends that boost their amazing sleep quality include focusing on a healthy diet, relaxation, spending time in nature, and investing in comfort and coziness with high-quality bedding.

In these countries, time is never wasted when it comes to health, sleep, and relaxation. While their cultures are different from ours, incorporating their sleep habits doesn't require a complete lifestyle change.

Here are a few key tips from the world's most consistently well-rested countries for improving your sleep quality!


Time Spent in Nature

Studies strongly point out that spending time outside, in the natural sunlight, and engaging in outdoor activities significantly improves sleep quality. It's also important to note that these countries are more mindful of their screen time.

A Study from the University of Colorado Boulder illustrates how a simple week-long camping trip, devoid of artificial lights, could profoundly reset our internal clocks. This finding notes that daily exposure to sunlight significantly enhances nocturnal rest. It's a clear example of how nature can improve sleep health - a simple remedy right outside our doors.




The Nordic diet, rich in whole grains, fatty fish, and an abundance of berries, is filled with nutrients that support deep and restorative sleep.

These Scandinavian countries also tend to limit caffeine and sugar intake, especially in the evenings. They also favor light meals for dinner that support digestive health and prevent digestive sleep disturbances.



The Importance of Wind-Down Routines

Brushing your teeth and turning off the lights is the minimum for a wind-down routine. Creating a relaxing and consistent evening ritual signals your subconscious to relax so that when you finally get into bed, your mind and body are ready to fall right to sleep.

It's common in the Netherlands to exercise 3 hours before bedtime. Meanwhile, the Finnish like to wind down with a post-dinner sauna to further melt away any lingering stress, relaxing the muscles and calming the mind in preparation for sleep. If you don't have a sauna, a warm bath, hot shower, or a soak in the hot tub before bed would have a similar relaxing effect.




Hygge is a Danish word that means cozy or contentment. A common cultural trend in Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, hygge is rooted in cultivating emotional and mental well-being through a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.

Hygge's emphasis on comfort, calm, and peace offers insight into the importance of relaxation and restoration when it comes to sleep quality rather than just the number of hours in REM. Here are a few design tips to help you surround yourself with coziness and create a more hygge bedroom for a more restorative sleep:



Coziness and Comfort with Quality Bedding

With coziness comes comfort, and to maximize comfort, these Nordic countries prioritize quality bedding and mattresses. This doesn't mean they're all sleeping like The Princess and The Pea with a luxury Hasten mattress, but they do opt for high-quality mattresses like hybrid memory foam.

Organic and eco-friendly mattresses and bedding materials are particularly popular in most Nordic countries. The adjustable bed has become an increasingly popular choice in Sweden because it's been shown to significantly improve sleep quality and health. It's such a comfortable choice that the adjustable bed trend has caught on in several other countries. 


Whether you prefer the classic support of coil mattresses or the innovative technology of a hybrid adjustable bed, a high-quality mattress from Land of Sleep can elevate your sleep quality to new heights. Let your nights be as restful as those in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or the Netherlands with a mattress that values your sleep quality as much as you do.


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