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The Key to Uninterrupted Sleep: How Adjustable Beds Prevent Snoring

Did you know that chronic snoring, or sleep apnea, can lead to headaches, difficulty concentrating, mood changes, and cardiovascular issues? Snoring is characterized by strained and labored breathing, which can repeatedly disrupt your sleep and potentially harm your brain.

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Many snoring remedies can leave sufferers uncomfortable and frustrated, wasting time and money. In contrast, 91% of sleepers noticed a significant reduction in snoring after trying an adjustable bed. 

Discover the key to quality sleep and improved well-being with our guide to luxurious and uninterrupted rest with an adjustable bed:


What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens when your airways are blocked, whether that’s your nose or your throat. When your throat relaxes as you fall asleep, unsupported muscles can block your breathing passages and cause you to start snoring. Similarly, swollen or off-center nose passages block the flow of air, making breathing more labored, and causing you to snore.

Reasons your throat or nose passages might be blocked include: 




What is an Adjustable Bed and How Does it Prevent Snoring?

Adjustable beds let you personalize your mattress’s angle and elevation by your head or feet. By elevating your head or upper body, you open up your airway passages to allow for unrestricted breathing. 

Here’s what adjustable beds can do to prevent snoring:

  1. Lifting Your Head and Upper Body: Elevating the head can reduce pressure on the diaphragm and make it easier for the lungs to expand, thereby improving breathing. 
  2. Opening Up Your Airways: This elevation can also prevent the neck muscles from collapsing onto themselves in a way that would block your airways.
  3. Balancing Your Digestive Track: Stomach acids are less likely to travel back up into the esophagus and throat when you sleep in a slightly elevated position. By reducing the swelling caused by acid reflux, your airway passages remain clear.
  4. Supporting Your Spine: When your spine is in alignment with your head and neck, your improved posture opens up your breathing passages.


What Kind of Adjustable Bed Do You Need?

Everyone deserves quality sleep and a comfortable sleeping arrangement. That’s why your sleep preferences and the possible causes of your snoring need to be considered when deciding which adjustable bed is right for you. 

Our sleep experts at Land of Sleep recommend these adjustable beds as the most comfortable and effective in preventing snoring:

  • Sealy: Offers an unlimited range of head and foot positions. Perfect for hot sleepers.
  • Tempur-Pedic: Known for their advanced memory foam mattresses, Tempur-Pedic’s adjustable bed, TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base senses snoring from you or your partner and automatically adjusts your position.
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper: Offers innovative adjustable bases that come with a wireless remote, adjustable height, and under-bed lighting.
  • Malouf: Their adjustable mattresses are made of natural and organic materials, offer a wireless or Bluetooth remote, remember your favorite sleeping positions, have anti-snore positions, massage features, and under-bed lighting.
  • Beautyrest Black: While delivering luxurious support, this adjustable bed massages you to sleep, pairs with your smart home device, and has a wireless remote.
  • Innova Sleep Systems: These ergonomic adjustable beds, designed to align the body properly to mitigate restless sleep, include a wireless remote, stored memories of your favorite sleep position, and massage settings.

If you’re still not sure which brand or mattress type will match your needs and preferences, our sleep experts are here to listen and personalize your shopping experience. When you purchase an adjustable bed from Land of Sleep, we arrange delivery and assembly of your new bed, including disposing of your existing mattress/bed frame, at no additional cost.


Land of Sleep has been helping customers find their ideal mattress and prevent snoring for over 25 years. To make your experience as seamless as possible, download our Adjustable Bed Guide to learn more about the different features and benefits of our adjustable bed brands.

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