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Foam vs Coil vs Memory Coil Mattresses

Having a good night's sleep is important. Buying a new mattress can improve your quality of sleep. According to a 2009 study, a change in bedding resulted in less stress and discomfort. Each person is different, so you will need to pick the mattress that can satisfy your needs. They all may look similar, but there are three types available: memory foam, coil, and hybrid.  Each one comes with its own benefits.

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Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most popular types of mattresses is the memory foam mattress. The foam consists of a material known as viscoelastic, which is soft and highly absorbent. There are a few varieties to choose from, and the material often is soft. One of the reasons why this type of mattress is favored is because it molds to the body. It will evenly distribute your body's weight and return to its original state after you get up. This helps make the mattress extremely comfortable.

Memory foam mattresses come with benefits. They tend to last longer than coil mattresses and add additional heat. However, the extra heat means there is less airflow. This type of mattress can reduce neck and back pain. 

The material supports your body along its curves. One study found that those who did not use a foam mattress had higher lower back pain and leg pain scores than those who did. The same participants also reported experiencing fewer hours of sleep. If you are looking to buy a mattress, then memory foam may be the best choice.

A Coil Mattress

Another type of mattress is the coil. Also called a spring mattress, it contains metal coils that provide underlying support. Some may not like the sinking feeling that memory foam gives, so the firmness of a coil mattress may be more appreciated. 

One reason why you may choose this option is that it is more affordable. The lower price is a result of having fewer features, but the mattress does provide decent airflow. Coil mattresses also are better at supporting heavier weight than memory foam. 

However, the downside is that it will sag after a few years. A coil mattress loses its firmness, and the durability depends on its quality. Since it does not support your body's pressure points, it is not as effective in helping neck and back pain. Not to mention, the springs can be noisy at times.

Though, if you prefer firm support, then a coil mattress may be right for you.

A Hybrid Mattress

The last type of mattress you will want to consider is a hybrid mattress. Also known as memory coil, a hybrid mattress is the combination of memory foam and coils. The top part is foam, which provides comfort. Beneath the foam is spring technology that gives you support. The hybrid is able to use the best parts of foam and coil. 

They can give you back support, and they are cooler than memory foam mattresses. The coils allow for improved airflow when you sleep. A hybrid mattress is easier to move due to its lighter weight. The springs are wrapped up, so you will not have to feel them poke at your back when you lie down. There are a variety of options that offer different levels of firmness. 

However, they tend to be more expensive and may not mold to the body as well as memory foam.

Those dealing with stress or anxiety may find that they experience fewer night sweats when using a hybrid mattress.

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