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Foam vs Coil vs Memory Coil Mattresses

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Sep 26, 2019 9:35:00 AM

Foam vs Coil vs Memory Coil MattressesWhen you're researching a new mattress, the three most popular types are memory foam, coil and memory coil/hybrid mattresses. Comparing foam vs coil vs memory coil is worth the time because great sleep is essential for a productive, happy life and you need the right mattress for your specific requirements.

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Memory foam mattresses
Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular mattresses today when comparing foam vs coil vs memory coil. They come in several varieties due to the abundant technology and materials available. Foam mattresses come in levels from soft to firm and feature multiple layers that provide support, cooling and comfort. Sleeping on a foam mattress can alleviate neck, shoulder or back pain as the material supports pressure points throughout your body without the poking from coil mattresses. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body and usually last longer than coil mattresses, making the higher initial investment worthwhile. Although some foam mattresses can produce additional heat, many models available feature cooling technology to prevent this issue.

Spring Mattresses
When choosing between foam vs coil vs memory coal, you'll find that coil or innerspring mattresses are the most affordable option. Their lower price is due to the basic technology used in manufacturing. Coil mattresses don't generate excess heat and lack some of the initial odor memory foam mattresses sometimes possess. If the feeling of "sinking" into memory foam doesn't appeal to you then a coil mattress may be the perfect fit. However, innerspring mattresses generally don't help with joint or spinal discomfort because they don't support pressure points in your body. Innerspring mattresses usually lose their firmness and start sagging within a few years due to design issues, but certain varieties can last longer.

Memory coil/hybrid mattresses
Memory coil mattresses, also called hybrid mattresses, are one of the more recent additions in the foam vs coil vs memory coil competition. These mattresses can deliver the best aspects of memory foam and coil mattresses with a memory foam top and innovative spring technology beneath to support your body. The memory foam topper on these mattresses can feature cooling technology to avoid excessive heat buildup and are kept cool by the airflow of the spring technology beneath. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, memory coils have a wrapping that prevents the usual springy sensation from traditional coil mattresses.

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