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How Meditation Can Help You Sleep

Meditation is a mindfulness technique that has been used for centuries - some claim as far back as 1,500 B.C. - but the practice has spread and become increasingly popular not just in India and China, but all over the world.

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Certainly, there are a number of ways we can slow our minds and wind down before going to bed, but meditation is something that helps us sleep not just before bed, but throughout the day, leading up to bedtime. Read on to discover the many ways meditation helps us get those much-needed Zzz's.

Controlling Anxiety

Anxiety, worry, and stress keep your mind at unease, making it difficult to fall asleep. Luckily, meditation is a proven technique that enhances a deep state of relaxation and a quiet mind.

During meditation, you're focused on a single activity distracting your concentration from mixed-up thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep. Furthermore, as the body and mind relax, you improve your overall physical and mental health, ideal for long-term sleep habits.

Lastly, job-related stress and anxiety are likely to be replayed in your mind, affecting the ability to fall asleep. A meditation exercise before bed, e.g., focusing on your breath or taking deep breaths, helps your mind to focus on just yourself and the need for a good night's sleep after a long day.

It Optimizes Your Physiological State

The ability to naturally fall asleep depends on whether your body is in an optimum physiological state. You may also find trouble falling asleep if you're excited or suffering from high blood pressure.

Here's how meditation balances the internal body states for better sleep.

  • It Balances Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: When having a tough day at work or home, the body produces stress hormones called adrenaline, cortisol, or vasopressin. Consequently, it triggers aggression or a 'fight or flight state,' leading to high blood pressure and heart rate. That said, meditation activates a 'rest-and-digest' state, countering the aggressive nature associated with stress. Ultimately, daily meditation is a crucial routine that can help lower blood pressure for better sleep and a healthy body.
  • Enhance Production of Sleep Hormone: Meditation can significantly increase the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin--which is responsible for better sleep. The role of melatonin is to maintain the body's internal clock that sets in motion a healthy sleep pattern. Ideally, melatonin production increases at night and decreases when there's light. 

Prevents Sleep Disorders Associated With Depression

Depression is directly related to sleep disorders. The direct correlation between the two infers that people with sleep disorders are highly likely to develop depression.

Although depression is an illness that requires a comprehensive approach, mitigating its symptoms is a positive step. Therefore, patients suffering from depression can practice meditation to drive away negative emotions, which can trigger or magnify sleep difficulties.

Instead of focusing on negative thoughts, meditation teaches patients to notice, accept, and let go. Furthermore, meditation helps you view the diverse possibilities besides the current hurdle.

Ultimately, practicing meditation can mitigate the effects of depression, which includes difficulty finding sleep.

It Helps to Balance The Nervous System

Mindful meditation can help deactivate the sympathetic nervous system manifested through aggression. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for inflammation, tension, and excitement, which is unhealthy for sleep.

Regular meditation balances the nervous system, effectively reducing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meditation has tremendous benefits that can transform your sleep pattern and overall health. Therefore, aim to practice a daily meditation routine before bedtime to calm the body and mind in preparation for a relaxing night's sleep. And for you to rip the above benefits of meditation 100%, you need a quality mattress that gives comfort throughout the night. Visit one of our stores in Sarasota and Venice, Florida, or contact us to learn more.

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