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Is it Time for a New Box Spring or a New Mattress?

There's no denying sleep is important. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping⁠—that's why it's so important to make sure the surface you're sleeping on is comfortable. When your bed is keeping you tossing and turning, it can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Not only that, but how well you sleep can affect your health, your mood, and how you live.

If your sleep situation can use some improvement, your bed could be the culprit. Mattresses and box springs can wear down over time, making them less comfortable to sleep on. Not sure which one you should replace? Let's go over what to look for if you suspect you need to replace your mattress or box spring.

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If You Toss and Turn At Night, Blame Your Mattress

Waking up in pain is a sign it's time to replace your mattress. As your mattress begins to age past its prime, it can become less supportive and uncomfortable to sleep on. Beds that are starting to sag can compress different pressure points, leading to poor circulation and inflammation in your hips and spine. If you wake up in the morning with pain, stiffness, or numbness, your mattress is probably to blame.

How you sleep can also cause discomfort. Your sleeping position can put pressure on different parts of your body and misalign your spine, which is why you should look for a mattress with firmness that can accommodate how you prefer to sleep. Back sleepers put more pressure on their lower backs, which is why medium-firm to firm mattresses can be more comfortable. Side sleepers might prefer a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress to reduce shoulder or hip pain. Stomach sleepers may be able to find better sleep with a firm mattress, which can help relieve pressure on the lumbar spine. If you sleep in more than one position, pick a mattress that's most comfortable for the sleeping position you spend the most time in, or a medium-firm mattress.

If You Wake Up Feeling Tired, Blame Your Mattress

Waking up tired or feeling sleepy throughout the day can be the result of a poor night's sleep from an uncomfortable mattress. Try sleeping on another mattress for a night and see if it makes a difference. If you find you feel more rested when you fall asleep in a different bed, it's probably time to replace your mattress. 

If Your Newer Mattress is Sagging, Blame Your Box Spring

Box springs help to support your mattress, which is why an old or broken-down box spring can cause mattresses to sag. Box springs should be replaced every ten years, or sooner if you notice any serious wear and tear. If you've recently upgraded your mattress or it's still in good shape, it's probably time to replace your box spring.

When To Replace Both Your Box Spring and Mattress

When you buy a new mattress, you may be required to buy a new box spring too. Box springs can have a big impact on how a mattress feels, which is why some retailers will make you replace both at the same time. Some box springs can damage mattresses so they may also have recommendations for which box spring to get.

If you have allergies, replacing both can also be a good idea. Mattresses and box springs trap dirt and dust over time, which can worsen allergy symptoms. Getting rid of those allergens by replacing your box spring and mattress can help you sleep better at night and clear up your sinuses.

Is it time to replace your mattress or box spring? We can help! Visit one of our stores and we can help you find your way back to a good night's sleep.

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