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Is it Time for a New Box Spring or a New Mattress?

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. That's why it's so important to spend that time on the right sleeping surface. Not only is 33% of your life a huge chunk of time to be uncomfortable, but how well you sleep affects your physiology, your brain chemistry, your mood, and even your long-term physical and mental health. Sleep permeates every aspect of waking life.

Ask yourself: For something so important, are you putting enough effort into maintaining a healthy, restful sleep pattern? If you've had your mattress or box spring for a long time, replacing it might be the first step in the right direction. Let's go over some of the signs that it's time for a new one and tips for figuring out which to replace.

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Signs You Need A New Mattress

These are a couple of the most prominent and easily detected signs that your mattress needs replacing. They may not be the worst ones, but they're probably the ones that people notice first.

You Toss & Turn All Night

As your mattress begins to age past its prime, it becomes more and more uncomfortable to sleep on it. It starts compressing different pressure points along with the sensitive contours of your body while you sleep. This excess pressure can lead to poor circulation as blood flow struggles to get around the constricted areas. 

This, in turn, often causes tossing and turning, numbness and tingling, or waking up with pain or stiffness in those areas and others. If you find that you're unable to get comfortable at night or you encounter any of those symptoms, your mattress is the first place you should look.

You Wake Up Feeling Tired

Another sign that your mattress is out of date is when you feel tired in the mornings, or throughout the day. This is the result of a poor night's sleep, and something you'll want to address sooner rather than later. While there are many things that could be causing your poor night's rest, the mattress is often to blame. 

Any of the symptoms caused by poor circulation can negatively impact sleep quality. Also, pain and discomfort from the feel of the mattress on its own can be enough to interrupt your normal sleep patterns.   

Signs You Need A New Box Spring

Signs that you need a new box spring are even less subtle. Despite being rather obvious, most people don't take them as a sign that replacing their box spring is an automatic must. 

Your Box Spring Is Broken or Worn Down

Your box spring provides support for your mattress and helps with longevity and comfort. If there's a problem with your box spring, it will eventually cause problems with your mattress. Box springs typically need to be replaced every 10 years, so if you've had yours longer or it shows signs of serious wear, it's time to replace it. If you notice sagging within your bed, and the mattress is still in good shape, then the box spring is the culprit.

You're Buying a New Mattress

In many cases, a new box spring is required as a part of the warranty when you buy a new mattress. That's because of the impact it can have on the mattress. Besides, if your mattress is old enough to replace, so is your box spring.

Again, these aren't the most harmful or difficult to detect side effects of an old mattress or box spring, but they are noticeable ones. 

]Knowing whether your box spring or mattress needs replacing is helpful. By replacing the right one, keeping the one that still works, and not allowing one to poorly influence the other, you'll not only save money but have a better night's sleep.

If you think it might be time for a new mattress, visit us today at one of our two locations—in Sarasota and Venice—to try one for yourself.

Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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