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3 Causes of a Saggy Mattress & How to Avoid It

If you have ever had a saggy mattress, you know that it is not fun. A saggy mattress can interfere with your sleep and even cause back pain. If you are already experiencing the feeling of a sagging mattress, it is not likely that you can fix it. However, if your mattress is not sagging, or you are about to purchase a new mattress, you can prevent, or delay, the problem. 

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The Three Causes of a Sagging Mattress

Typically, a mattress will sink in the middle, often in two or three spots. This is usually caused by a few things. Couples who tend to sleep on 'their' sides of the bed. Or, if a couple sleeps in a 'spooning' position, there is often one sagging area right in the middle.

A third way that this sagging might be caused is by pets! If you have a large dog that sleeps on your bed, it is possible that he could leave a sinking spot in your mattress.

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How to Avoid Sagging

Rotation or Flip It Over

Regularly flipping or rotating your mattress is important. Make sure to flip the mattress every six months, or, if you have a pillow top mattress, rotate it every six months.

Proper Box Springs

Queen and king size mattresses need the proper support. If you do not have the correct box springs, your mattress will sink. With proper support, this sinking can be avoided. Make sure to invest in the correct box springs when you purchase your mattress.

While it is true that all mattresses will wear out eventually, with proper care, your mattress will last for many years. If you are in need of a new one, check out one of our show rooms today.


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