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Is Your Mattress Making Your Allergies Worse?

Do you suffer from daily sneezing, watery eyes, clogged sinuses, or sniffling? Have your allergies become a simple fact of life for you? Millions of Americans have allergies, but did you know that one of the biggest causes of allergies might be in your bedroom?

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Mattresses and pillows are huge allergen attractants as over the years dust and dust mites continually collect inside of these bedding material. This is especially true of mattresses as many homeowners go years without replacing or even vacuuming them.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has found that dust mites are one of the most common triggers of year-round asthma and allergies. And the primary place where they can be found is in our bedrooms. These microscopic creatures feast on dead human skin cells that are in abundance in your mattress, pillows, and other bedding materials. Post-feasting, they leave their feces and exoskeletons behind, both of which can become massive triggers to make your allergies worse as you spend the night breathing it all in.

Thankfully, there are some key things you can do to prevent these nasty creatures from negatively impacting you. These steps will ultimately work to alleviate your allergy symptoms so you don't have to wake up with itchy eyes or a running nose.

Replace your bedding in a timely manner.
As a general rule of thumb, your pillows should be replaced every other year and you should replace your mattress every eight. If you're unsure how old your mattress is, you should be able to check the tag for sale date. Anything more than eight years old and you're likely sleeping on piles of impacted dust, sweat, and dead skin, a size of which won't be capable of being readily removed.

Pick the appropriate mattress material.
Allergy and asthma sufferers should look for a synthetic material like memory foam that has been proven to be easier to clean and collects overall significantly less dust than traditional materials. Consider choosing an 'allergy-proof' slipcover that goes over your mattress and prevents dust mites from traveling from your sheets to your mattress going forward.

Wash and vacuum your bedding regularly.
Sheets and pillowcases should be frequently washed (think at least once a week) in hot water to remove dust and feeding dust mites. Every time you do a wash cycle on those materials, likewise do a thorough vacuum of your mattress for a thorough deep clean.

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