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4 Late-Night Habits to Kick to Get a Great Night's Sleep

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Nov 27, 2017 10:48:14 AM

If you consider yourself a night owl, your habits could be getting in the way of experiencing a sound night of restful, quality sleep. Remember that what you do during the evening hours affects how your body prepares for rest. After researching information from reputable sources like the Mayo Clinic and WebMD, we were able to come up with habits that you should try eliminating for you to receive a better night's sleep:
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The Benefit Of Sleep For An Athletic Lifestyle

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Aug 23, 2017 11:05:00 AM

Exercise is one of the best things that we can do for our bodies. While it has plenty of benefits, such as getting the heart pumping and oxygen flowing, there is always a post-recovery that when it hits, generally hits pretty hard. That is why sleep is so important. Did you know that sleep is actually in the top 3 of most athletes priority to-do list? When it is not, it could be due to the common error of mistaking "rest" for sleep. Real sleep, coupled with physical conditioning and a nutritious eating plan, helps athlete's function better than when they don’t.

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7 Reasons Why Letting Your Pet Share Your Bed Actually Helps You Sleep

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Aug 9, 2017 12:01:59 PM

Many pet owners who participated in a study carried out by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona stated that their pets were unobtrusive or helped them to sleep. More pet owners found the presence of a pet beneficial rather than disruptive. Consider the following reasons to let your dog or cat sleep in your bed with you. 

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5 Tips to Help with Your Partner’s Disruptive Sleep Habits

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Aug 7, 2017 12:35:57 PM

For most of us, a consistent 8 hours of sleep is essential for good health and productivity. If your partner's sleeping habits keep you from getting adequate rest, addressing them will be crucial for your own health, as well as for the health benefits of your partner.

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The Most Important Mattress Accessory: Pillows 101

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Sep 15, 2016 11:00:00 AM

When it comes to choosing the perfect mattress, finding the right pillow is essential. The proper pillow is not only responsible for the support and comfort of your head, but it is also a determining factor for just how much restful sleep you get. Picking the right pillow is an easy way to get the rest and recharge you need.

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