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5 Reasons You Will Rest Better in a Clean Room

Many people say, "I'll try anything to get a better night's sleep”, however, many people don't even consider the most simple way to get a better night's sleep. Almost everyone sleeps better when they are in a clean, uncluttered room. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons why most people tend to sleep better in an uncluttered room, and some of those reasons include the following:


A Clean Bed is a Comfortable Bed

A study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that people who wash their bedding and sheets regularly reported 19% better rest at night than those who neglected the hygiene of their bedding. Wash your bedding regularly. At least once or twice per week is recommended. Nothing will help you relax like crawling into a nice, soft clean bed at the end of a long, hard day.

Cleaning Your Room Clears Your Thoughts 

If you have a clean room you are less likely to be stressed by the jumbles of junk as you try to fall asleep at night. A cluttered room can have an effect that clutters your thoughts, whether you intend for it to do so or not.

A Clean Room Helps You Start a Morning Peacefully

A clean room can help you wake up to a smoother start to your day. Waking up to a disheveled, confused environment doesn't help anyone start their day off well. Moreover, being able to find what you need and being able to get out the door on time to work, school, errands, or whatever else the day holds makes the start of anyone's day much less stressful, no matter what activities you are participating in that day.

Improves Air Quality

Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning your room regularly will help ensure that you are able to sleep better. Cleaning will help ensure that you have helped rid the air of dust particles and allergens that may otherwise be in the air. Being able to breathe will lead to a much better night's sleep. Moreover, regularly cleaning your home (and bedroom) can help ensure that there are not any viruses or bacteria harbored there.

Resist Pets Sleeping in Your Bed

Your cute, cuddly, and furry pets are also full of allergens that can irritate your breathing as well as your eyes, which can cause your quality of sleep to suffer. Keeping pets out of your room can provide you with fewer allergens and reactions, which can provide you with a more fitful night's rest.

A clean room can help improve your health, your breathing, allergies, and your sleep. So, clean up and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Make your room a clean oasis where you can start your day off for an even better tomorrow.

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