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Does Wall Color Affect Sleep?

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Dec 3, 2019 9:57:26 AM

Each color has its own meaning and symbolism. As we go throughout our days, we see green grass, blue skies, and bright pinks, yellows, and oranges on the flowers around us. Color can define and affect a mood or emotion and even our sleep! 

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How to Design Your Bedroom for Sleep in Sarasota

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Aug 1, 2018 3:03:03 PM

You've moved to Florida with the expectations that now your life can be more relaxing, and you can go at a slower pace. Maybe you've lived here all your life and just need to make some changes to make your bedroom more of an oasis at the end of your day. However between rainy seasons, heat levels, and longer hours of daylight you haven't quite accomplished your goal. You can turn up your relaxation simply by redesigning your bedroom for sleep in Sarasota (and surrounding areas). Here are some steps to take.

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How To Use Feng Shui To Improve Sleep

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Jul 11, 2018 1:08:52 PM

Feng shui is an ancient system of thought originating in China that focuses on harmonizing the forces within a space to improve the flow of energy. Though the practice originates in Taoism, interior designers from a variety of backgrounds have used the system's principles to improve the balance and congruity of rooms.

You may associate feng shui with simply selecting a new position for furniture, but the art of feng shui entails so much more than moving tables and chairs around. Improving the energetic flow of your home can increase prosperity, calmness, and even the quality of your sleep.

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