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Can You Consciously Change Your Dreams Using Lucid Dreaming?

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Dec 18, 2017 1:12:33 PM

Have you ever been in the middle of a dream and something kept niggling at the edge of your unconsciousness alerting you that this couldn't really be happening? This is what is known as lucid dreaming, where you know that you are dreaming while in an actual dream. Once you have been able to identify that you are in a dream, you can consciously explore your dream world and even impact parts of your dream.

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4 Things That Our Dreams Tell Us about Ourselves

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Oct 24, 2017 1:02:07 PM

Almost everyone dreams, however, not many people analyze their dreams. According to Metaphysics, dreams reveal critical aspects about the dreamer. They are a reflection of the state of mind of the dreamer in the preceding 24-48 hours. Here are 4 aspects that interpreting dreams can help you uncover.

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Fact or Fiction: Does Counting Sheep Really Help You Sleep?

Posted by Lisa Floyd on May 2, 2017 11:00:00 AM

When you're tossing and turning, concerned about how you'll function at school or work tomorrow, you'll try just about anything that'll get you to sleep. While you might consider counting sheep (a somnolence aid that's been written about for at least 150 years), it might not be the best choice for you. Here's what you need to know.

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How Certain Foods Can Affect Falling Asleep and Dreaming

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Mar 26, 2015 9:51:00 AM

How much you sleep determines a lot about your quality of life. Beginning the day after little or no sleep or a night of tossing and turning makes you sluggish throughout the day. Instead of applying yourself fully to your job or other responsibilities, you tend only to look forward to lying down again and attempting to recapture a semblance of rest. Productivity drops considerably with lost sleep.

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Interpreting Popular Dreams: Part 2

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Jan 20, 2015 10:13:21 AM

Dreams are inevitable. Whenever you fall asleep, you essentially give your subconscious mind permission to dwell on anything it wants for a period of time. In most cases you don't remember your dreams, but every so often, you have one that sticks with you long after you've gotten out of bed. Sometimes, these dreams have a deeper meaning.

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Interpreting Popular Dreams

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Dec 11, 2014 9:46:21 AM

The Dalai Lama once said “Sleep is the best meditation” and, looking at the meanings and interpretations behind some common dreams, he’s right. Dreaming allows you an unbiased glimpse into your subconscious mind. While human beings like to believe we’re very different from one another, these popular dreams tell another story.

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