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Adjustable Beds in Sarasota and Venice

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Oct 4, 2017 9:49:00 AM

We have the Sarasota and Venice area's largest selection of adjustable beds and mattresses.

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Why Eating Before Bed Is Bad For Your Health

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Oct 2, 2017 11:42:27 AM

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. This question is one that we ask ourselves when we've had a long day and finally are able to relax and watch a movie, or when dinner felt like hours ago and our stomach begins communicating to us. For years this has been a controversial topic, and honestly, still is one today. Why? Because there are great nutritional arguments on both sides.

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Have Acid Reflux? An Adjustable Bed Could be Your Solution

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Sep 27, 2017 12:19:00 PM

Numerous health studies show that adjustable beds provide many therapeutic benefits for many health conditions, including acid reflux. Since these beds have countless positions and options for movement, it's easier to get into a comfortable resting position that relieves the symptoms of acid reflux disease.

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