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The Best Mattress for Cold Sleepers

Some sleepers find themselves piling on blankets, even during the summer, as without the extra blankets they'll spend most of the night shivering rather than sleeping. Other sleepers can only experience a good night's rest with a light sheet and nothing else. Fortunately, just as there are all different types of sleepers, there is also a wide variety of mattress types; each designed to satisfy a particular slumberer. If you are a sleeper who always seems to be chilly no matter how many extra blankets under which you sleep, take heart, there is a mattress type for you!

Why Am I Cold When I Sleep? 

There are several reasons as to why a person may feel cold while sleeping. Some individuals have poor circulation, often due to some type of medical issue. When someone has poor circulation, the body tends to keep blood close to the person's organs. 

This leaves extremities such as the hands and feet with less blood flow. A person with restricted blood flow to the extremities will often experience chilly hands and feet. Of course this is uncomfortable, especially during sleep.

Then there are individuals who are fairly active in the home during the day, so they run their A/C unit at lower temperatures in order to feel comfortable as they go about their day. During the night however, their body slows down and doesn't generate as much heat to counteract the surrounding A/C temperatures. In fact during sleep, a normal body temperature is actually a degree or two lower than during the day. This can leave a person feeling chilly while sleeping, even though they felt comfortable in the same environment during the day.

Lastly, some individuals simply feel "chilly all the time" and frequently have to take extra steps to feel warm and comfortable, whether they are awake or at rest.

The Right Mattress for Cold Sleepers

For the chronically chilly sleeper who wonders, "do any mattresses absorb heat?", the answer is a resounding, "Yes!" Mattresses made of memory foam are well-known for their ability to retain heat generated by the human body rather than diffusing heat away from a slumberer, as do some other mattress types. Memory foam mattresses are also known for conforming to a person's body when they shift positions, which noticeably reduces uncomfortable pressure points. For cold sleepers who need extra heat to feel comfortable during sleep, a memory foam mattress may be the perfect solution.

What Should a Cold Sleeper Avoid? — Manufacturers have to appeal to a wide variety of buyers, so some will add cooling components such as copper, graphite, gel, or some other type of additive to their memory foam mattresses in order to appeal to those who get too warm at night. A person who frequently gets cold during slumber will want to select a memory foam mattress without these cooling features.     

Other Tips for Cold Sleepers   

Since it's not always possible to raise a home's A/C temperature without disturbing other sleepers in the home, cold slumberers may need to take other steps in order to create the perfect sleeping environment for them. Along with a memory foam mattress, they may want to consider switching to flannel sheets, especially during the extra-chilly months when they are more likely to feel cold.

Wearing cotton socks during sleep and perhaps even a pair of cotton gloves can also help a person's extremities feel warmer during sleep. Wearing flannel pajamas may also be another option for the chronically chilly. 

Lastly, drinking a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate just before bedtime can help raise a person's overall body temperature just enough so that they can relax and feel comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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