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4 Reasons Why You Need a Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Sarasota

Sarasota, along with the rest of Florida, is one of the warmest locations in the US all year round. While tropical beaches and vibrant scenery offer calm and relaxation, the constant heat can threaten a key factor in maintaining it: sleep.

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Whether you just moved here or are wondering how to stop sweating bullets in your sleep, it’s crucial to find a mattress that can balance out the Florida heat. If you want to keep cool while you snooze and restore your serene Sarasota lifestyle, you need to try a cool gel memory foam mattress. 

Here’s why:


1. Improve Muscle Relaxation

Living in Sarasota comes with a new standard for rest and relaxation. But you can't fully appreciate the tranquility of life in the tropics while suffering from joint or muscle pain. That's why one of the most popular choices in Sarasota is memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses are designed to cradle your body and offer precise pressure point relief. When you sit or lay on the mattress, the gel compresses and forms a smooth, soft surface that creates a balanced system with customized support around your shoulders, hips, and back. 


2. Better Air Flow 

In a place like Sarasota, Florida, where the temperature is often well above the recommended 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, your body will need to spend time and energy trying to stay cool instead of falling into deep sleep. Gel memory foam mattresses are infused with small gel beads during the manufacturing process which significantly reduces the surrounding heat and creates a cool-to-the-touch surface. 

Research shows that sleeping in a cool room can help fight off insomnia and aid in melatonin production. So, don't underestimate the importance of a cooling memory foam mattress in Sarasota's hot climate.


3. Reduce Sleep Disturbances

Memory foam is very shock absorbent and perfect for reducing sleep disturbances from motion transfer. The thick padding allows you to stay in position on one side of the bed if your partner moves around during the night.

With gel memory foam, your partner could be jumping on the bed and you would barely move, if at all. And with undisturbed, refreshing sleep, comes even brighter days in sunny Sarasota!


4. Long Lasting Investment

When it comes to buying a new mattress, many people use the initial cost as a deciding factor. While gel memory foam mattresses have a slightly higher cost, their added durability allows them to last longer. 

The thick gel beads help the mattress keep the same shape with very little maintenance. Buying a quality mattress is all about long-term investment rather than a short-term payoff, so it's probably best to spend a little extra upfront for added longevity and benefits to your life and health.


In Sarasota's warm climate, one of the best mattresses for achieving restful sleep has to be a cool gel memory foam mattress. But, before you buy, make sure you test it out for yourself at one of the best places to buy a mattress in Sarasota, Land of Sleep.

Drop by the Land of Sleep mattress store in Sarasota or Venice to get insider advice on how the locals withstand the heat and get refreshing sleep every night. Chat with our sleep experts to test out the latest cooling technology and find the perfect mattress to maximize your relaxing Florida lifestyle.

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