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When you've had enough of your old mattress, the idea of waiting days or weeks for a new one seems impossible. Fortunately, same day mattress delivery in Sarasota from Land of Sleep can provide you with a new mattress just in time for a great night's sleep. To ensure that fulfilling night of sleep, you need to upgrade to a mattress that provides the right support for your body.

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Familiar Bounce

If you grew up loving that bouncy mattress feel and love that feeling in your own bed, then an innerspring mattress may be exactly what you want. The coils used in inner spring mattresses come in different gauges to provide the right support for any size person. Pocketed coils in some innerspring mattresses can reduce the effects of movement on the bed and interconnected coils increase durability. Pillow top mattresses add extra cushioning but you can't flip them like traditional coil mattresses.

Conforms to Body

When you want firm support without the coils, memory foam is a good option. Memory foam conforms to your body without the possibility of coils ever coming through and when you get out of bed, it returns to its original shape. Memory foam mattresses come in various thicknesses and densities so do your research first. Manufacturers now offer mattresses that combine innerspring and memory foam technology for the best of both worlds. Serta's iComfort and iSeries mattresses at Land of Sleep are examples of this new technology.

Firmness and Spring

For a level of firmness similar to memory foam and a bit more "spring" similar to coil mattresses, you can select a latex mattress. Along with being long-lasting, latex mattresses resists mold, dust mites and has antimicrobial properties, which makes it great for allergy sufferers. Land of Sleep features Dunlopillo latex mattresses that combine natural tally latex, layers of soy-based quilt foam and knit fabric for unsurpassed comfort and quality.


If you're someone who likes to read, work or watch TV in bed, an adjustable bed can fulfill your needs. Adjustable beds help prevent back issues, improve circulation and reduce stress by conforming to your exact needs at the push of a button. When you need to sit up and you can choose to raise your upper body, lower body or combination of both.

Convenient same day mattress delivery from Land of Sleep allows you to enjoy your new mattress without the wait.

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