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5 Medical Issues Adjustable Beds Can Help With

When most people think adjustable beds, they automatically picture a hospital bed. Many don't realize that bed manufactures now make beds that can be used in the home that will help individuals suffering from a variety of health problems that make sleeping difficult.

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1. Relief from Chronic Pain
Anyone who suffers from chronic pain such as old injuries, back pain, or arthritis will find that they get a much better night's sleep when they use adjustable beds. They can shift the position of the bed so that pain is reduced. The adjustable bed will spare you the hassle of having to sleep in a chair or using a dozen pillows to prop yourself up at night.

2. Sleep Apnea
If you suffer from sleep apnea, it means that while you sleep, your airway either collapses or becomes blocked by your tongue. Traditional flat mattresses exasperate this problem. Making some minor tweaks to your sleeping position with an adjustable bed prevents the airways from collapsing, allowing you to stay asleep all night long.

If you suffer from GERD, you know that bedtime can be a real trial. It seems that no matter what position you try, your stomach acids keep you up all night long. Not only does this make sleeping nearly impossible, but it's also bad for your esophagus.


Adjustable beds can help. Raising the head of the bed a few inches can help settle your stomach acid and keep it down where it belongs. Some individuals who suffer from GERT have raised their bed as much as 5 inches to see improvement in their restful night's sleep.

4. Fluids Collecting in Legs
If you notice that your legs swell when you sleep, you might want to consider getting an adjustable bed. Raising the foot of the bed an inch or two will decrease the amount of overnight swelling your experience, making it easier for you to move when you get up in the morning.

5. Sciatica
If you have been diagnosed with sciatica, sleeping in the traditional prone position pinches the sciatic nerve in your spine. In most cases, adjustable beds are the best solution. Inclining the bed just a few degrees relieves the pressure. Not only will you get a better night's sleep, but you'll also decrease the amount of damage you potentially do to your back.

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