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Same Day Mattress Delivery

When you decide to get a new mattress, the last thing you want is to have to wait for delivery. Thankfully, Land of Sleep offers same day mattress delivery so you can have the bed of your dreams in your home the same day you choose it. Great sleep is essential for healthy living and there are several benefits of having the right mattress for your specific needs. So don't wait another day to upgrade.

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Reduce stress
Studies show that things such as worrying, nervousness, headaches and other elements of stress can wreak havoc on your health and interfere with sleep. However, replacing an old or improperly supportive mattress with a new, supportive mattress can result in a significant stress reduction. The believed reason for this is that the increase in sleep quality from the right mattress reduces aches and pains that can keep you awake and add to stress. With same day mattress delivery, you can start improving your sleep and reducing stress right away.

Reduce allergens
Although washing bedding including pillowcase and sheets frequently can help eliminate dust mites and the allergies they cause, if they've built up in your mattress over the years, it's a good time to replace it. Dust mites can cause problems for allergy sufferers and people with asthma so buying a new mattress can improve their health and ability to breathe. Getting a new mattress with same day mattress delivery can instantly reduce your dust mite issue. You can further protect yourself from dust mite issues by using an allergy-proof slipcover and vacuuming off the mattress periodically.

End tossing and turning
If you spend the night tossing and turning and can't seem to get comfortable, it's time for a new mattress. Your bed and bedroom are supposed to be a sanctuary and escape from the stress of your day and if you can't enjoy a good night's sleep, you can wake feeling exhausted and aching. If you sleep better when you're not at home, such as staying at a hotel on trips, then chances are those mattresses are better suited for you than your current bed. Make your bedroom as comforting as a luxury hotel room with the right bed and same day mattress delivery.

It's vital to spend time selecting your mattress but once you do, same day mattress delivery from Land of Sleep ensures your finally get the sleep you deserve. Stop by either of our locations today and start sleeping better tonight!

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