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How an Adjustable Bed Can Help with Vertigo

Dizziness, especially when experienced regularly, can be a highly unpleasant sensation. Chronic dizziness can be caused by many factors, but one common condition that prompts dizziness is vertigo. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps one can take to alleviate dizziness from vertigo, one of which is by using an adjustable bed. 

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What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is typically a benign but frustrating condition, as it causes a sensation of dizziness and spinning. Vertigo often stems from an issue in a person's inner ear, which is partially responsible for balance and coordination. These inner ear problems can disrupt the signals to the brain that communicate the body's position in space. Vertigo can bring about a sensation of spinning as well as loss of balance, increased falls, hearing problems, nausea, and vomiting. 

Vertigo is more common in women than men, and those who have experienced head injuries are more likely to suffer from it. People over 50 are also at a higher risk of developing vertigo. Vertigo, and its accompanying dizziness, can come and go at random. It can also be triggered by a change in head position, especially while a person is lying down, like rolling over in bed. These issues can lead to major sleep disruptions as a person is waiting for the vertigo symptoms to subside. 

Unfortunately, adding daytime sleepiness to vertigo-induced balance troubles is a recipe for disaster, and it can have a major negative impact on the day-to-day life of vertigo sufferers. 

Treatment for vertigo often consists of exercises that involve changing one's head position. The goal for these movements is to return your inner ear crystals back to the position they belong in, and these exercises can be very effective in helping reduce dizziness, and other symptoms vertigo sufferers endure, for a short time. For many people with vertigo, finding a sleep position that doesn't trigger symptoms proves to be difficult, and that's where an adjustable bed can help. 

How Can an Adjustable Bed Help With Vertigo?

Adjustable beds are often recommended for vertigo sufferers, as they can make it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position. They also simulate the head position exercises that are used to treat and prevent vertigo from recurring. There isn't a perfect position that reduces symptoms for all vertigo sufferers, as everyone's body is different. Adjustable beds can allow you to position your head at any angle that is comfortable for you, while still being elevated to whatever degree reduces symptoms the most. 

It may seem that dizziness and other symptoms of vertigo could be fixed by stacking pillows to create elevation. This method can cause immense strain on your head and neck, and pillows can move around throughout the night, potentially making vertigo symptoms even worse. A bed that can be adjusted is an excellent choice because it allows you to customize the angle of the bed to suit your individual needs, while providing proper support for the rest of your body. 

If you tend to toss and turn at night as you sleep, doing so at an angle actually simulates the exercises doctors recommend people do to reduce vertigo symptoms. Rolling from one side to the other changes the position of fluid in your inner ear, and doing so while you lay at an angle can help you wake up symptom free. 

While there is not yet a definitive cure for vertigo, adjustable beds can provide the ideal support and comfort that may alleviate and prevent episodes. One study, conducted over six months, showed a significant improvement in vertigo symptoms when subjects used an adjustable bed and slept at 45 degrees. Vertigo isn't the only condition that adjustable beds can help with, either. Check out our other post, 5 Medical Issues Adjustable Beds Can Help With, to learn more. 

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