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Dizzy? Find out how an Adjustable Bed can Help with Vertigo

Vertigo, typically a benign but frustrating condition, causes a sensation of dizziness or spinning. It is often due to a problem in the inner ear, disrupting the signals to the brain that determine that body’s position in space. In addition to a sensation of spinning, sufferers may experience a loss of balance that results in falls, hearing problems, nausea, and vomiting.

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Compounding the problem, vertigo can be triggered by a change in head position, such as rolling over in bed. This can cause sleep disruptions while waiting for the vertigo to subside. Adding daytime sleepiness to the vertigo-induced balanced troubles is a recipe for disaster, and affects the day to day life of vertigo sufferers.

Treatment for vertigo is often comprised of exercises changing the head position, with the hope of returning the inner ear to its normal state. While these exercises can work in the short-term, vertigo offer recurs. For many sufferers, it can be difficult to find and maintain a sleep position that does not cause vertigo symptoms.

If you suffer from vertigo, you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed. The benefits for vertigo patients are two-fold: they can make finding a proper comfortable position easier, while also simulating head positioning exercises that are used to treat and prevent vertigo from recurring.

Adjustable beds allow you to position your head at any angle that is comfortable for you. There is no one perfect position for vertigo sufferers; it is dependent on your particular body. For this reason, specialty pillows are not effective for all patients. An bed that can be adjusted gives you a wide range of positions to choose from, while also providing proper support for the rest of your body. Sleeping at an angle can help reduce vertigo symptoms overnight.

Additionally, the natural tossing movements you make during your sleep as you roll from one side to the other changes the position of the fluid in your inner ear. By adjusting your head position prior to sleep, you can effectively simulate the vertigo treatment exercises while you sleep, helping to cure and prevent future occurrences of vertigo.

While there is no definitive cure for vertigo, these beds can provide a supportive and comfortable sleep environment that can reduce and help prevent episodes of vertigo. Doctors often recommend that vertigo patients sleep in an inclined position, which is made easier with an adjustable bed.

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