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Improve your Circulation with an Adjustable Bed

Poor circulation can have a grave impact on your health. It can be indicative of very serious problems, and it can create issues that may not even exist yet. Eating right and staying active are imperative to improving circulation, but relaxing and sleeping healthfully are also important ingredients in the equation. With this said, an adjustable bed can be the perfect place to get your blood flowing right while you are in dreamland.

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No matter what you do during your waking hours, you're probably standing or sitting for extended periods of time.  Each of these situations presents potential problems for your circulatory system.  When you are in an office setting, the sedentary time you spend sitting in a chair can prevent blood from flowing properly. Alternatively, if you already have circulation issues, standing on your feet for extended periods of time can cause blood to accumulate in your lower extremities, which can lead to swelling and other problems.

To remedy these problems, it is essential to find a way to naturally get the blood flowing again.  One of the age-old remedies to reduce swelling and stagnating blood is to elevate your feet above the heart.  This process alleviates undue stress to the heart, helping blood to find its way through your body by utilizing gravity as a positive force, rather than a negative one.

Elevating your feet while you're awake can be cumbersome.  Of course, you have things to do around the house and goals to accomplish while you're at work.  Because of these obstacles, adjustable beds offer a perfect solution to the dream of proper elevation.  By utilizing the power and comfort of adjustable beds, you can elevate your feet above your heart while you sleep.  The multiple settings and inclines allow you to find the right spot for you personally, so you can rest and restore your body to optimal function during your REM cycles.

Ideally, you do not want to elevate your legs too high, as this can cause discomfort and be counter-intuitive in the long run.  Rather, you should aim for a forty five degree angle or less, lifting your legs about eight to twelve inches above your heart.  This will facilitate blood flow and allow for maximum comfort while sleeping.

If you would like to learn more about the ways adjustable beds can improve your circulation, stop by one of our Land of Sleep stores today!

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