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4 Tips for Designing a Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

Many people forget how important maintaining the quality of your bedroom can be. Your bedroom needs to remind you of relaxation and put you at ease.

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Yet, we often fall behind on cleaning or use our beds as our desks. All this can take away from our quality of sleep.

Find out 4 tricks for turning your bedroom into a relaxing oasis.



#1: Start Fresh & Clean

Cleaning your bedroom might not sound like the most relaxing activity, but neither does itching from dust and crumbs in your bedsheets. Improve your bedroom’s air quality and remove stress from clutter by consistently tidying up and changing your bed sheets. 


#2: Candles & Essential Oils 

Research has confirmed what many people already suspected: scents can enhance our sense of relaxation. Lavender in particular boasts the ability to relieve anxiety and induce relaxation. 

Other scents that can also bring about a sense of calm in the bedroom include rosemary, jasmine, cinnamon, and peppermint. Whether you want to use incense, scented candles, or essential oils, playing around with different scents can help you find a combination that makes you feel relaxed and ready to rest in your bedroom.

#3: Calming Color Schemes

Like scents, colors can affect your mood. Decorating your walls, bed sheets, curtains, etc., with colors, like lilac, cool gray, baby blue, or light green can fill your bedroom with a sense of relaxation. 


#4: Add Flowers and Houseplants

Having some fresh-cut flowers or houseplants in your bedroom may not seem like it could make a big difference in the feel of your bedroom, but they can both provide a sense of calm by bringing a little nature indoors. Many types of houseplants can also keep your indoor air fresh and actually reduce indoor air pollutants! 

Some fantastic bedroom plant options include Dragon Trees, Peace Lilies, and Rubber Trees. Don't have a green thumb? Many indoor plants can thrive without much attention or sunlight. Just be sure to choose carefully, as some indoor plants can be toxic to pets.

Create Your Personal Sleep Oasis

There are many components to a bed, including a frame, mattress, mattress pad, pillows, and more! At Land of Sleep, we can help you create your personal sleep oasis with a mattress that’s tailored to you.


Your mattress is the centerpiece for your bedroom oasis, so it's important to invest in the right one for you. Discover the perfect mattress that complements both you and your bedroom design by downloading Land of Sleep's Ebook on Mattress Health Benefits.


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