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What Your Pajamas Say About You

Are you a matching flannel pajama set person? Or are you a holey t-shirt and shorts person, and what does it say about you if you are?

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There are endless options when it comes to sleepwear, from a full set of clothing to, well, nothing at all. Let's take a look at what your choice in pajamas says about you!

You Wear Sweats, A Tee Shirt And Socks To Bed

Comfort and coziness are priorities for you, and you are likely to be seen before bed with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and your favorite book. You get chilly easily (especially your feet) and you share your bed with your golden retriever.

You Wear A Matching Set Of Flannel Pajamas

Similar to your sweats wearing cousin, you enjoy being comfortable and cozy, however, you are the type that must match, no matter what time of day it is, even if no one is going to see you. You probably sleep alone.

You are more likely to finish off your night with a steaming cup of herbal tea, in front of your laptop going over spreadsheets.

Super-Cute Nightie or Boxer Shorts

Whether you are going to bed solo or not, you absolutely must look good. You will actually check yourself out in the full-length mirror, perhaps admiring your abs. You aren't necessarily vain, but you do think it is important to always look your best. You share your bed with your teddy bear. There are often hearts on your pajamas.

Full-Length Nightgown

You are glamorous at all times. You watch black and white movies and enjoy a cocktail before bed.

No matter what type of pajamas you wear to bed, to get a good night's sleep you need a comfortable, supportive mattress! Stop by Land of Sleep today and find your perfect mattress today.

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