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The 4 Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Jan 2, 2018 10:56:29 AM

Sleeping on your side will put a lot of pressure on your hips, shoulders, and neck, which can cause tension throughout the spine. A mattress that is too soft is not good because if it sinks in too much then your spine will also be curved. If a mattress is too firm, it will cut off a lot of the blood circulation in the body, and it will potentially cause major aches and pains because it doesn't contour to the widest points in the hips and shoulders. Therefore, side sleepers need mattresses that are soft enough to relieve those pressure points and contours well to the body as well as support the natural alignment of the spine.

Here are four types of mattresses that are ideal for side sleepers:

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5 Reasons Why Hybrid Mattresses are Better

Posted by Lisa Floyd on May 11, 2016 1:25:26 PM

A great night's sleep is never something you should compromise, but if you don't have the right mattress, you may be losing out on rest without even realizing it. If you're like many people, it can be tough to find the perfect firmness and material. Memory foam is an awesome option, but many people are afraid to jump into an all-memory foam mattress. Traditional innerspring mattresses aren't always the best option for certain sleepers, but the familiarity of these structures can make it hard for people to commit to trying something new.

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Everything you need to know about Hybrid Mattresses

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Jan 5, 2016 4:09:03 PM

You’ve probably heard of hybrid cars and hybrid energy, but you may not be as familiar with hybrid mattresses. These incredibly comfortable mattresses are already popular and are expected to become even more sought-after in 2016.

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