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How Much Does a New Mattress Cost?

When buying a mattress, it can be challenging to get a basic grasp of the exact cost because several factors come into play. Mattresses are essential investments that add to your comfort and health. It should not hurt to pay a little bit more for products that satisfactorily meet your needs for a prolonged period if you can afford to. But you need to be aware of the price ranges for different models to ensure you don't overpay or get your expectations skewed in the process.

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What is the Average Cost of a Mattress by Category?

Budget Mattresses

The prices of budget mattresses range from approximately $250 to $1,000 depending on sizes like twin, full, king, twin XL, queen, or California King. Keep in mind that their quality may not last as long.

Mid-Range Mattresses

The cost of mid-range mattresses ranges between $500 and $1,500, depending on size. These mattresses are often made from high-quality materials that can come in either hybrid form or all-form. They are usually durable and give optimal comfort that lasts longer than budget mattresses.

Luxury Mattresses

The prices of these mattresses start at around $1,000 due to the quality of the material and size and can go as high as $3,500 or more. They are usually made of latex, hybrids, and other high-quality materials that can last for years.

Luxury mattresses are known for their resilience and bounce and are ideal for allergy sufferers and hot sleepers. These mattresses can last for more than 20 years when maintained well.

Factors That Influence Mattress Prices

The price ranges of different mattresses are contributed by a wide variety of factors, such as:

Mattress Size

The costs of mattresses usually scale directly with sizes. Smaller ones like twins cost almost half the price of large king-size beds. The cost of unique and quality mattresses like twin XL and California are slightly higher compared to other common mattresses of similar sizes.

Quality of the Material

Quality and craftsmanship are arguably the major factors determining the price of mattresses. For example, hybrid beds made of foam and innerspring coils are likely to cost more than all other foam models. Similarly, beds made from specialty materials like latex are more expensive than standard memory foam materials. mattress filler

Mattresses may have similar construction materials, but their prices differ significantly. For example, all foam beds appear to be the same but may have different foam qualities. Mattresses made of specialty materials like copper-infused memory foam are the most expensive, compared to memory foam and poly foam.

Mode of Purchase

Buying from a physical store is the best way to get the mattress you like. However, purchasing online may be significantly less expensive.


Most mattresses, especially high-quality ones, come with some warrant and sometimes a return policy. Such services can significantly influence the price of the products, depending on the length of warranties and return period.

If you are planning to purchase a mattress, make sure it’s one that will give you the comfort and longevity you desire. Come and visit Land of Sleep for a wide variety of mattresses and get the good night's sleep you deserve! 

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