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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

There's so much to consider when purchasing a mattress, including comfort, affordability, size, and convenience. However, the time you buy a mattress has significance on the purchase, and it will affect the price. With that in mind, when's the best time to purchase a mattress? We'll walk you through the best times you can purchase a mattress based on various factors, and why you should buy online or in-store.

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The Best Times to Buy a Mattress 

The best time to buy a new mattress with great deals is during different holidays and events. Here's a breakdown of the best times to purchase a new mattress and what to expect.

New Year's Day 

New Year's Day often brings huge discounts for shoppers. It's the best time to get yourself a new mattress because most mattress brands plan to unveil new mattress models and clean out older ones. 

President's Day 

The third Monday of February is a major mattress sales holiday, an excellent time to enjoy price discounts on your mattress purchases throughout the weekend. 

The Weekend of the Memorial Day 

Memorial Day comes with various sales, making it one of the best times of the year to buy a mattress. Besides being the month of May, the holiday weekend comes with great discounts on mattresses. 

Spring Launch 

Most mattress brands often introduce new models in spring. As new models enter the market, you'll find the older models with sizable discounts. Look out for spring launch discounts in May and April. spring launch mattress discounts

Independence Day 

Independence Day comes with various promotions and discounts that often kick off well, even before the actual holiday. The deals start as early as June and end in mid-July. 

Amazon Prime Day 

Amazon Prime Day is a one-day global event exclusive for prime members only and happens in July. Prepare yourself for the event to find the best mattress of your dreams.

Labor Day 

Most mattress brands and retailers offer sales during the Labor Day celebrations. The sales tend to coincide with back-to-school offers – an excellent time to buy mattresses for college students, children, and teenagers. 

Cyber Monday and Black Friday 

Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales come immediately after Thanksgiving, so expect massive sales, especially from online mattress brands. You can avoid crowds at physical mattress stores and still enjoy great sales. 

The Best Places to Buy a New Mattress: Online Vs. In-Store Purchases 

Your decision on how to purchase a new mattress ultimately comes down to buying online or in a physical store. So, between in-store and online, what's the best place to buy a new mattress? Either way, you'll consider affordability, convenience, and selection of mattresses. 

Buying a New Mattress Online 

If you want to save money, the best place to buy a new mattress is online. Most online mattress brands have a relatively small staff, so they have lower costs, which translates to their products being affordable. 

Online mattress stores are also great if you're looking for convenience because you can easily place your orders from anywhere at any given time. You can also browse different mattresses without getting pressure from the sales staff, not forgetting that you have access to customer reviews. 

Purchase your mattress online if: 

  • You prefer shopping without interference from the sales staff 
  • You stay in a remote area and don't want to travel to access a mattress store 
  • You're working with a limited shopping budget 
  • You have a general idea of the type of mattress you want and how it feels 

buying a mattress online

Buying a New Mattress In-Store 

In-store shops are the best place to buy a new mattress if you enjoy an in-person shopping experience. Lying on the mattress for 5-10 minutes can help provide a basic idea of how it feels. Speaking with experienced sales staff can also help if you're unsure about the type of mattress you want to buy. 

You can purchase a mattress in a store if: 

  • You want to consult with a knowledgeable employee before selecting a mattress 
  • You live in an area with multiple brick-and-mortar stores 
  • You're working with a flexible shopping budget 
  • You want to lie down on different mattresses before selecting one 

Buying a mattress during public holidays and events gives you a great advantage. Visit Land of Sleep and get the best mattress at great prices. If you're unsure about the mattress type that will cater to your needs, contact us today, and we'll guide you through your shopping to ensure that you get the right one.

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