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Serta, iComfort, Beautyrest, and More Luxury Mattress Brands Available at a Local Sarasota Mattress Store

According to orthopedic physicians, your mattress should support your body in a neutral position. Your spine should have a natural curvature, and your head, shoulders, buttocks and feet should be supported in proper alignment. A mattress that's too firm, will push on your body's pressure points, while one that's too soft won't provide proper support. Both scenarios can lead to a morning with fatigue, body aches, neck pain and lower back pain.

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Choosing the Right Mattress

When you're sleeping on the right mattress, you should feel no pressure points on your body. When shopping for a new mattress, experts suggest that you test it in the store by laying down in a normal sleeping position on each mattress for 10 to 15 minutes. Here are popular mattress options:

  • Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses have individually enclosed coil springs for support. Some also contain air cool memory foam and pillow toppers for added comfort. Health Tip: Innerspring mattresses provide better support for people who are overweight or have back pain.

  • Memory Foam – Memory foam mattresses are made of layers of different densities of foam. Layers respond to body weight and body temperature by contouring to body shape for comfort. Health Tip: Memory foam mattresses are good for people with chronic fatigue and muscle pain.

  • Latex – Latex mattresses are made with layers of soft, soy-based foam and natural tally latex. Mattresses and pillows are 100% natural, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic. Health Tip: Latex mattresses are great for relieving back pain.

  • Air – Higher-end air mattresses, not the blow up kinds, look like innerspring mattresses, but chambers are filled with air instead of coils. Health Tip: Air mattresses are good for sleeping partners with different comfort needs since firmness can be adjusted.

  • Adjustable Beds – Adjustable beds can be elevated and adjusted at various angles for comfort. Mattress must be flexible, so most beds come with memory foam, latex or air mattresses, rather than innerspring coils which don't bend well. Health Tip: Adjustable beds offer health benefits for people with sleep apnea, acid reflux, and neck or back pain.

If it's time to replace your mattress, it's worth a drive to Land of Sleep on US 41, where you'll find one of the largest selections of top-quality mattresses and adjustable beds in the Sarasota area. With major brands, great prices, and same day free delivery, a good night's sleep can start tonight.

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