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Why Moving is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress

If you're packing up for a big move, there's a lot to consider. And if you're like most people, the thought of moving that big, bulky mattress may seem stressful. But do you really have to move that mattress at all? Here's why your new start may be the perfect time to spring for a new mattress.

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Why Moving a Mattress Could Be More Stress Than It's Worth

As you're packing up all of your belongings, your bed may be one of the last and largest items to move. And typically in the world of moving, the larger something is, the more expensive and inconvenient it is to move. But no matter where you go, you'll need a bed and a good night's sleep


Saving Space For an Easier Move

Whether you're hiring a moving company or doing it all on your own, a mattress is one of the largest single items you will move. It takes up room in the moving van/truck and may even affect the size of the van or truck you'll need to hire. 

Will you strap the mattress to the top of your vehicle? And who is helping you move the mattress? With all the logistics and planning required to move, leaving your mattress behind in lieu of a new one in your new location may be the less stressful option.


Large and Bulky Mattresses: The Stress and Cost of Moving

It makes sense that in the world of moving, the more you move, the more it will cost you. This also means the more space you will need, the more expensive your move will be. Compared to the cost of a brand-new mattress, the extra space and help required to move your current mattress could wind up costing you more. 

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The Benefits of Leaving Your Mattress Behind

Unless you have a personal attachment to your current mattress, there are plenty of reasons why buying a new mattress is the better choice. And with the opportunity of a big move, it's the perfect time to take advantage.


Are You Due For a New Mattress Anyway?

Sleep experts believe you should change your mattress an average of every 8 years. But depending on the quality, type, and usage of your mattress however, the average person should get consider getting a new mattress every 7-10 years. But mattresses are often kept for longer than their lifespan allows, as other necessities and expenses become more important. 

If you are about to undertake an important move, the age of your mattress is something to consider. Is your mattress sagging, or does it have rips and tears? If you are due for a new mattress, moving is the perfect time to invest in a quality replacement.


The Risks of Moving Your Dirty Mattress

Exposing your mattress to the environment outside your bedroom is risky. As if your mattress isn't already at risk of dust and allergens from regular use, a big move will certainly put your mattress at even greater risk. 

By moving the mattress, you provide the perfect hotspot for mites, allergens, dust, and bacteria to accumulate. Scientific research finds that dirty mattresses can contribute to a host of health problems, such as asthma and allergies, as well as expose you to dangerous bacteria that cause severe illnesses like E. coli. With a fresh, new mattress awaiting you at your new place, you'll be guaranteed a healthy beginning.


Starting Fresh With a New Mattress

Though moving can be stressful (and expensive), it's also an opportunity for a fresh start. Starting off in someplace new gives you the ideal opportunity to create the life you want. It's also a great opportunity to choose the perfect mattress that best suits you, your lifestyle, and your comfort level. 


With a clean slate and a new mattress, you can start your new life on a healthier and more restful note. And if you're starting over in the Sarasota or Venice, Florida area, let the experts at Land of Sleep help you find the new mattress of your dreams.


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