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When Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress?

A mattress is a rather significant investment for many people, so it's important to learn the best maintenance practices to extend its lifespan. Flipping and rotating your mattress is definitely among them. It prolongs its lifespan and gives you better support when you sleep. Flipping ensures the mattress remains even and supportive to provide the desired comfort. Read on to learn why and how often you should rotate or flip your mattress.

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Flipping or Rotating: What's the Difference?

Rotating and flipping your mattress helps avoid wear and tear. Reorienting your sleeping position on the mattress smoothes out the dents on the mattress.

  • Flipping. It means turning the mattress over so that the top side faces down. Flipping lets you sleep on either side of your mattress
  • Rotating. It means turning the mattress 180 degrees so that where your head used to rest now sits at the foot of the bed and vice versa.

Flipping Your Mattress

Double-sided mattresses are designed for flipping, and you can switch any of the sides to face the ceiling. However, some mattresses have different firmness levels on each side, allowing you to pick your desired firmness level.

Why Flip Your Mattress?

When you switch the side you sleep on the bed, your mattress stays in great condition for an extended period. Here are some of the reasons to flip your mattress.

  • It extends the mattress's lifespan: Continuously sleeping on the same side of your mattress for a long time makes the side start to sag and wear out more quickly. Flipping the mattress gives the side time to recover and even out, as the other side supports your body.
  • It prevents the wearing out of the coils: It is important to keep the coils intact for mattresses with inner springs. Flipping the mattress will help prolong the coils' life and ensure they do not break.
  • Prevent sagging: After a while, a mattress begins to sag in its center since your body gradually leaves an imprint. The indent damages the mattress and may cause uncomfortable back placement when sleeping on the bed. A saggy mattress can lead to back pain due to poor spinal alignment.

When to Flip Your Mattress

There is no perfect flipping schedule, but most manufacturers recommend flipping your mattress every six months. However, for old innerspring mattresses, it should be done more often. Rotating and flipping your mattress at the same time is also a good idea to maintain its integrity.

Rotating Your Mattress

Many modern mattresses are one-sided, so they can't be flipped, only rotated. Typically, you can rotate any mattress unless the manufacturer warns against it. Such specifications are found in mattresses designed with zoned support areas for the body that increase comfort.

Why Rotate Your Mattress?

Rotating a mattress avoids wearing it out in the same spots and extends its longevity. Here are some benefits of rotating your mattress.

  • It removes bumps and lumps: Distributing your weight evenly across the mattress prevents bumps and lumps from forming.
  • It prevents hammocking: Hammocking refers to rolling toward the middle of the bed after sleeping. It reduces hip support for side sleepers and is a sign your mattress needs replacing.
  • Wear and dust: Rotating a mattress gives it time to breathe since it is susceptible to dust, sweat, and dander. Changing your sleeping spot ensures your body is not exposed to the same spots for long.

When To Rotate Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress depends on your manufacturer's specifications. You should generally rotate your mattress roughly two to five times per year.

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