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When Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress?

Do you rotate and flip your mattress regularly? If not, it is important that you do. Mattresses are prone to uneven wear due to the weight of users sleeping on them night after night. The shape of a person's body combined with different sleeping positions means that the steel springs and foam get compressed more in some areas than in others. As a result, failing to rotate your mattress causes it to sag and shortens its usable life.
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Before Flipping Your Mattress

The first thing that you should do is look at the manufacturer's recommendations. Manufacturers sometimes label their mattresses with these recommendations. The labels may indicate that there is no need to flip the mattress. Note that it is a good idea to look for the labels when shopping for mattresses. A mattress that can be flipped may last for longer than one that has a "Do not flip" label.

Your Mattress Flipping Schedule

It is a good idea to flip your mattress at least once every six months. Doing it twice a year makes it easy to determine when you need to flip your mattress. Biannual flipping also makes it easy to stick to your schedule. For example, you can flip your mattress once during your spring-cleaning and again when you clean for the fall. This is enough to ensure that the wear on your mattress is even over its lifespan.

Labeling Your Mattress

You can label your mattress as an additional reminder to flip it. Simply attach a label to one side that tells you the right month for the flip. For example, write “November” on one side and “May” on the other. When the right month rolls around, flip the mattress.

Some Mattresses Should Not be Flipped

For example, you should use a pillow-top mattress on one side only. This means that your only option is to rotate it. You do this by turning the mattress clockwise or counterclockwise rather than flipping it to the other side.

When you buy a mattress, you are investing in your restful sleep and in your back health. Regular flipping helps to ensure that your mattress provides support and lasts for a long time. Flipping helps you to maximize returns on your mattress investment.

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