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Is “Beauty Rest” a Real Thing?

Have you ever woken up with dark circles under your eyes and pale or blotchy skin? These are some clear signs that you didn't get enough sleep. 

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"Beauty sleep" or "beauty rest" is an age old concept that suggests that you need a good night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed. You may have even heard that getting a good night's sleep can improve your appearance, making you look more refreshed, youthful, and attractive.

But is there any truth to this, or is it just a myth?


Does Sleep Make You Look Better?

The term "beauty sleep" suggests that getting a good night’s rest can make you wake up looking radiant. Although it might sound like an old wives tale, there’s some scientific evidence behind the saying.

Sleep doesn’t make you more beautiful, but it does restore you to your peak natural beauty. This is mainly because of what happens to your skin when you sleep, but getting a full night's sleep can improve your appearance in many ways.



Does Lack of Sleep Cause Acne?

Staying up late can make your eyes look sunken, with dark circles and under eye bags. Lack of sleep can also cause acne or make your skin look pale and blotchy, like you’ve aged overnight. 

Sleep allows your body to flush out the toxins in your skin and repair damaged cells. With a good night's rest, you can minimize wrinkles, improve your skin’s texture and tone, and wake up with clear and rejuvenated skin.


Why Beauty Sleep is Important?: How Sleep Improves Your Physical Health

Beauty sleep doesn't just repair your skin, it also improves your overall health and contributes to a healthier, more beautiful physical appearance. Beauty sleep can enhance your physical health by…

  • Strengthening Your Immune System: While you sleep, your body makes cytokines, proteins that produce white blood cells, which are crucial for helping your body fight infections and strengthen your autoimmune response. That means you’re less likely to get a cold, headaches, or other common types of inflammatory pain.
  • Boosting Your Workout: Sleep doesn’t just reduce inflammation, it also regulates your blood flow, reduces your risk of injuries, boosts your energy levels, and improves your cardiovascular health. All this means that you’re able to build muscle faster and significantly improve your athletic performance.



Beauty Sleep = Beautiful Smiles 

A good night's sleep doesn't just make you look better—it boosts your mood and mental health, making you smile more. Getting enough beauty rest also means better…

  • Memory & Cognition: Poor sleep can make you feel disoriented or forgetful, as it’s tough for the brain to process old information while dealing with new activities. Sleep allows your brain to process the day, sharpening focus, and boosting creativity. 
  • Stress Management: Not getting enough sleep tricks your body into thinking it's in a crisis, causing it to release the stress hormone, cortisol. Luckily you can regulate cortisol levels in your body by consistently getting a full night's sleep.


How to Get Beauty Sleep: How Many Hours Do You Need For Beauty Sleep?

If you’re wondering how to get some beauty sleep, aim to sleep around 7 to 9 hours. Less than 6 hours, and you will notice that your body isn’t getting enough sleep time to fully rest and repair.

If you want to wake up feeling and looking good, invest in quality sleep as much as you would in beauty products and treatments. With the right mattress, pillows, and bed frame, you can turn your bedroom into a spa retreat designed for rest and restoration.


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