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Is “Beauty Rest” a Real Thing?

If you have ever had a horrible night sleep, the kind that you wake up with bags under your eyes, you know it makes the day ahead of you much more difficult and which you tend to be more sluggish and irritable. Well, a quality night's sleep offers health benefits in many different ways, both mental and physical.

In fact, getting your beauty rest is a real thing. When you don’t sleep enough, the blood vessels around your eyes dilate, creating dark circles. Getting less sleep at night gives your cells less time to repair themselves.

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Mental and Physical Benefits of Getting a Full Night of Sleep

While sleeping, your brain is still at work. This work can help improve your memory, which can help you practice skills that you have worked on when awake. It is suggested that if you have a test or a presentation, it is important to get an adequate amount of healthy sleep the night before to help you retain more information and perform better.


Sleeping Helps to Control Your Weight

Another important quality gained from sleep is weight control. People who go to bed and receive the recommended amount of sleep, tend to have a healthier weight. This is because a similar section in the brain has control over sleep as well as metabolisms.

Lack of Sleep Affects Decision Making

Lack of sleep can also affect your reaction time and decision-making. Driving after a lack of sleep can increase your chance of getting into an accident.

Keep Your Heart Healthy With More Sleep

A busy day at work after getting only a few hours of sleep can also make a stressful day even more stressful. Cardiovascular health is effected by both lack of sleep and stress. To reduce blood pressure, it is important to get around seven to nine hours of sleep every night.


Sleep Keeps Your Mind and Body Healthier

During sleep is when the body regenerates the most. Getting a healthy nights rest can help improve your health and function of your body as well as your mind. The neurons cells found in your brain have a hard time regenerating while you are awake. This is why they tend to do most of this regeneration during sleep.

The best way to get a quality night of rest is to have a proper bed. Having the right bed will help you fall asleep soon and stay asleep throughout the night. The best way to extend your life and regenerate cells is by finding the right bed that fits your needs for your beauty rest. Contact Land of Sleep today!

Guide to a Better Nights Sleep 

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