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How an Adjustable Bed can Help with Sleep Disorders

There are a number of sleep disorders, and each one can have an impact on your life. While some sleep problems may affect your daily life more than others, each one deserves your attention.  Adjustable beds can often be the first step to correcting discomfort and medical issues that occur while you sleep.

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  • Snoring.  If you live with someone who snores, you are well aware of the sounds that can come from a person who has an obstructed airway.  Besides being simply loud and sometimes annoying or frustrating, snoring is actually indicative of air having difficulty finding its way into and through the body.  Adjustable beds offer you the opportunity to prop yourself up, thus altering the position of your airway and providing a more unobstructed angle through which air can travel.

  • Sleep Apnea.  Sleep apnea has a wide range of severity, but this condition is certainly something that should be attended to at any spectrum of the scale.  Sleep apnea occurs when a person actually stops breathing for a period of time, causing the person to get poor sleep, wake up intermittently, or suffer severe health problems.  Because adjustable beds are flexible with regard to their function and form, you may realize a significant positive effect if you are a sufferer of sleep apnea, by experimenting with the bed's various positions.  This is largely because, like snoring alone, sleep apnea is often agitated by obstructed airways.

  • Insomnia.  Although insomnia can result from a number of problems including anxiety and stress, your bed may be just as responsible for an inability to sleep through the night.  Discomfort from mattresses can actually translate to a lack of sleep during the nighttime hours.  You might be surprised to find that even the slightest incline can relax your body and mind in ways that a flat mattress is simply not able to do.  Besides the mental anguish that can cause insomnia, you may not be able to sleep because of back, hip, neck, shoulder, or other body pains.  Depending on your individual body needs, an adjustable bed can offer you slight or deep changes to your position to alleviate pain that can cause insomnia.

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