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Helping Your Florida Guests Get a Good Night's Sleep

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Oct 4, 2018 9:25:15 AM

guest bedroom Whether you've lived in beautiful, sunny Florida for a while, or you're just moving to town, there are most likely people in your life who are excited to come for a visit, especially when the weather across the rest of the nation gets cold. There is no better way to help out of town guests feel at home than to help them get a great night's sleep. Here are the top four things to consider when choosing the best bed for your guest room.

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How do I know it's time for a new mattress in the guest room?

Mattresses have a lifespan; their performance degrades over time and with repeated use. Just like your master bedroom mattress, taking proper care of the mattress in your guest room will extend its life. Don't allow the bed to be used as a trampoline by the kids or grandkids, and rotate your mattress, when possible. Even if you've invested in a quality bed and taken care to extend the life of your guest room mattress, consider replacing it every ten years, or more often if it's seen more than moderate use.

Who do I expect will come to visit?

Maybe you'll only be expecting the grandkids, with young backs and the ability to couch surf for weeks on end. However, if you will be hosting friends and family of a variety of ages, with differing health needs, give extra care to the type of mattress you purchase. Though choosing the most comfortable bed is, to some degree, a matter of personal preference, experts suggest that you select a mattress that's not too hard and not too soft when accommodating guests. This is especially true for the vast number of adults with common neck and back complaints. Don't be shy about trying out beds for more than a few minutes, and be sure to ask about how you can expect the mattress to perform over time.

How else can I help my Florida guests sleep comfortably?

Florida's warm climate is a welcome respite for many, but a hot bedroom is not conducive to sleep. However accustomed you are to warmer temperatures, be aware that your guests might struggle without air conditioning, even on nights you might not have thought to turn it on. In cooler weather, a fan is excellent for air circulation. To further accommodate a good night's sleep, make sure your guest room is equipped with curtains or blinds that will block out the light and heat, as needed. Finally, provide plenty of pillows and a variety of bedding, from light blankets to heavier bedclothes. This will allow your guests to customize their sleep experience.

What size bed makes sense for my guest room?

The size of your guest room will dictate the bed it can accommodate, but a queen-sized bed provides ideal sleeping comfort for two people, where it can fit. In smaller spaces, this could mean opting for a bed with minimal headboard or choosing smaller dressers, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture. Wall mounted or ample overhead lighting will also help save space. For more tips on making the most of smaller rooms, and finding the right-sized bed for your space, click here.

Contact us with questions, and come to visit the Land of Sleep store closest to you. Our many models on display in both our Venice and Sarasota locations will help you choose the best bed for you. With free same day delivery and removal of your old mattress, there's no reason your guest room can't be ready for company, even if their visit is only days away.

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