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Can A Change in Weather Affect Your Sleep?

If you find it difficult to sleep when the weather changes, you are not alone. Many people experience changes in their sleep patterns or their overall sleep quality following fluctuations in temperature, barometric pressure, or humidity levels. Let's explore the relationship between weather changes and sleep and learn some tips on optimizing our sleeping environment regardless of the forecast.

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How Does Weather Affect Sleep?


The body temperature naturally drops during sleep. As such, external temperature changes disrupt this natural drop and affect your sleeping patterns. For instance, during warm summer nights, your body may struggle to cool down, making it difficult to get sleep. 

On the other hand, cold winter nights make you shiver and struggle to stay warm, making it difficult to stay asleep throughout the night. Reduced sunshine during winter does not help either. It can trigger mood disorders (winter blues) and also affect the body's ability to produce enough melatonin from serotonin in your brain, elements responsible for a good night's sleep. 

Barometric Pressure 

Barometric pressure refers to the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the earth's surface and your body. Weather changes affect barometric pressures interfering with your ability to find sleep. 

When there's a drop in air pressure, our bodies are likely to experience headaches, fatigue, and changes in our mood. These symptoms can disrupt our sleep and make it difficult to get the rest we need. Conversely, an increase in barometric pressure may result in breathing difficulties and creates a sense of heaviness, which can also affect our sleep quality.


When humidity levels in the air are high, breathing can be difficult and this reduces the amount of oxygen our bodies receive. This impedes your ability to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up relaxed the following day.

Noise from Strong Winds and Thunderstorms 

Another weather issue that may affect your ability to sleep properly is noises from strong winds and thunderstorms. Unusual loud and sudden noises can distract you or create a feeling of anxiety, keeping you awake for longer during the night. Even if you don't fully stay awake, you may experience disrupted sleep patterns during periods of high noise activity, leaving you tired and unrefreshed in the morning.

How To Mitigate The Effects Of Weather Changes On Your Sleep? 

So, what can you do to ensure weather changes do not ruin your sleep quality?

Maintain Comfortable Room Temperatures 

One of the ways to ensure seasonal changes doesn't affect your sleeping pattern is to ensure your house maintains cool temperatures for sleeping, which should be in the range of mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit

Depending on the weather conditions, the following are some measures you can take to maintain cool room temperatures

  • Open windows to allow enough ventilation during hot seasons
  • Use a fan or air conditioner to cool your bedroom during hot seasons
  • Improve air circulation
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air in humid conditions
  • Take a warm bath hours before bedtime to create a natural cool-down effect on your body

Use Noise Distractors and Sound Proof Mechanisms

You can also try noise reduction techniques such as sleeping with earplugs or listening to white noise to distract yourself and reduce the effects of loud noise from thunderstorms and strong winds. Additionally, you can keep windows and doors closed during high-noise activity seasons to minimize weather impact during your sleeping hours.

Invest in Comfortable Beddings and Mattresses

Investing in high-quality bedding gives you enough comfort to catch sleep quickly, regardless of weather changes. You should invest in beddings made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen with low spread sheet count for a smooth, soft, and cool feeling for hot weather. In preparation for cold weather, have bedding with a high spreadsheet count that traps body heat for warmth. 

It also goes without saying that a good and comfortable mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep, regardless of the weather. 

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