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Can A Change in Weather Affect Your Sleep?

An overwhelming majority of people say they sleep better in cool weather, according to a survey by the Washington Post. This revelation corresponds with evidence that the temperature of your brain drops when you go to sleep, according to a Stanford biology professor. Here are more facts about how a change in weather can affect your sleep.

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Sleepless Warm Summer Nights

People have a harder time getting a good night's sleep on warm nights, due to how the body deals with heat. Room temperature between 60 and 68 degrees can offset insomnia caused by warm weather, but every individual is different and needs to experiment with the thermostat. If this doesn't help, try a warm bath or shower before going to bed. After getting out of the warm water, your body temperature will naturally drop, which will help facilitate sleep.

Wearing cooler clothes in the hottest months is another helpful tip. Putting a slumber gel pad on your mattress can further reduce heat. A ceiling fan above your bed can create an additional chill effect.

Winter Cold Can Bring Insomnia

The colder months of winter create a different scenario that can affect sleep. Less sunlight in the winter can trigger mood disorders, which in turn, can lead to insomnia. When you don't get enough sunlight, your brain does not produce enough melatonin from serotonin, which are the chemicals in your brain that help produce a good night's sleep.

In order to counter this change in weather orientation, it's best to get some outdoor exercise during the day for at least a half hour, unless it's raining or snowing. Activities can range from walking to skiing. By getting outside in the morning, you can boost your melatonin levels, which will help both your mood and your ability to go to sleep at night. You should also stay away from substances that block melatonin production, such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate or certain pharma drugs.

While synthetic solutions are generally not very useful, certain fruits boost melatonin levels more effectively. Pineapple, bananas and oranges are some of the most powerful fruits that can significantly raise melatonin. Supplements, however, are a weak substitute for real fruit. Other foods that can boost melatonin levels include oats, rice, tomatoes and barley.

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Guide to a Better Nights Sleep

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