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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

We all have our favorite sleeping positions, but is there more to it than just finding that favored comfy zone where the oblivion of sleep comes to us the easiest? There just may be a correlation between our preferred sleep position and some aspects of our personalities. Compare your own typical sleeping preference to these, and ask yourself if any of them sound like you.

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Fetal: If you sleep curled up tight on your side with knees bent and your hands folded near your head (possibly around the pillow), then you are described as having a tough exterior, but are likely very sensitive on the inside.

Freefall: If you fall asleep on your stomach, with your face turned to one side and your hands to either side of your head, you are said to be brash but sociable, though extremely sensitive to criticism.

Log: You fall asleep lying on your side, arms parallel with your body; you are said to be extroverted, but perhaps a bit gullible.

Soldier: You probably set high standards for yourself if you typically lie on your back, arms to your sides, as if exhausted. You are reserved, quiet, and disciplined.

Starfish: If you sleep just the opposite of the free fallers, on your back with hands facing palms up, you're are probably good friends with a number of people who are always able to count on you. But you probably don't care to be the center of anyone's attention, though.

Yearner: You most likely fall asleep on one side or the other, but stretch your arms out away from your body. Yearners are often accused of being overly cynical, though most consider themselves open-minded. If you sleep in the yearner position, though, you're probably not the wishy-washy type--once you make a choice, you stick with it.

While no studies have been entirely conclusive, these are common results. Some people never fall asleep in the same position twice, and don't really fit into any category. Maybe they suffer from insomnia. For more fun facts, visit our page, Land of Sleep --especially if you fit into the category of those who can't sleep!

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