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What Is It About Rainy Days That Makes Us Want To Sleep?

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Oct 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

rainy days want to sleep
Struggling to keep your eyes open as the rain pitter patters a soft melody outside your window? Don't worry, you are not the only one that is overcome with tiredness as you listen to what sounds like your own personal lullaby.

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Rainy days make us want to sleep and here's a couple reasons why:

1. A Lack Of Sunlight Affects Our Hormones

Our optic nerve, when stimulated by sunlight, decreases the production of melatonin. Since the purpose of melatonin is to make us sleepy, a lack of sunlight, such as on an overcast day, makes us feel even sleepier. The mood elevator, Serotonin, is also produced in the presence of sunlight and so a lack consequently leaves us tired and in no mood to be active.

2. Our Bodies Respond To Different Smells

Because we are wired to respond differently to various smells, the smell given off by the soil after rain is registered by our body as musky and refreshing, immediately soothing our body and making us feel a desire to relax.

3. Low Atmospheric Pressure

Rain is due to low pressure in the atmosphere. When this pressure declines, the oxygen in the air declines as well. Our bodies, so intricately designed, senses a lower than normal level of oxygen supply and quickly slows down our metabolism. This in turn makes us sluggish, inducing sleep.

4. We Do Not See As Well

Our bodies function according to the sunlight that they receive. We subconsciously associate darkness with sleeping and sunlight with being awake. When it is raining outside, no matter the time of day, our body senses the darker surroundings and our eyes wish to close automatically.

5. We Respond To Noise

The literal pitter-patter of rain almost makes a natural lullaby, rocking us to sleep. This occurs because we reside in such a busy and noisy world that our bodies are completely adjusted to different noises. Rain makes a steady pattern, which tends to be heaven to our senses.

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