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The New Serta icomfort SmartSupport Memory Coil System

Serta icomfort SmartSupport Memory CoilFor someone who loves the firm support of an innerspring mattress but needs the body conforming property of memory foam, there's now a solution with hybrid mattresses featuring Serta iComfort SmartSupport Memory Coil. This new system is the first in the world to combine the response and comfort of memory foam to an innovative innerspring system. Hybrid mattresses that combine the features of both memory foam and coil mattresses have been growing in popularity and Serta's new line taps into this emerging market.

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A mattress for every comfort level
The Serta iComfort SmartSupport Memory Coil system is part of their memory foam and hybrid mattresses products, all united under the Serta iComfort tag. For the hybrid models, Serta combines the innovative memory coil support system with their EverFeel material for customers who want the support of an innerspring mattress but prefer the feel of gel memory foam. There are many models available in featuring the SmartSupport Memory Coil and they include:

All foam mattresses 
There are eight mattress models in the line that have gel memory foam and edge foam support with three featuring the memory coil system.

Quilted hybrid mattresses 
With the look and feel of traditional mattresses, there are 11 quilted hybrid models featuring gel memory foam, edge foam encasement and three with the SmartSupport Memory Coil system.

Non-quilted hybrid mattresses 
Even without the quilted top, these 8 models of hybrid mattresses offer comfort with their gel memory foam, coil system, edge foam and three with the SmartSupport Memory Coil system.

Individualized comfort
The iComfort system delivers individualized comfort to mattress shoppers and provides superior quality combined with innovative mattress technology. By unifying the memory foam and hybrid mattresses under the Serta iComfort brand, Serta makes it easier to customers to find the right mattress to give them the best night's sleep.

When shopping for a mattress, the customer's primary concern is comfort and Serta demonstrated their understanding of that with the integration of the SmartSupport Memory Coil into several models along various price points. The Serta name is already synonymous with comfort and the memory coil support system provides comfort, support and adaptability to a person's sleep requirements.

Investigate the new line of Serta memory foam and hybrid mattresses featuring the Serta iComfort SmartSupport Memory Coil by visiting Land of Sleep today. Our experienced staff is happy to answer your questions.

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