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5 Reasons Why Hybrid Mattresses are Better

A great night's sleep is never something you should compromise, but if you don't have the right mattress, you may be losing out on rest without even realizing it. If you're like many people, it can be tough to find the perfect firmness and material. Memory foam is an awesome option, but many people are afraid to jump into an all-memory foam mattress. Traditional innerspring mattresses aren't always the best option for certain sleepers, but the familiarity of these structures can make it hard for people to commit to trying something new.

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Enter hybrid mattresses! True to their name, they combine the best of several worlds, creating an optimal effect unlike any other.

Here are a few reasons hybrid mattresses are awesome:

Sturdy Support
Most hybrid mattresses contain innerspring systems at their cores. The coils tend to be the same size as traditional mattresses. This means they provide the same support and familiar bounciness you would be used to with a traditional mattress.

Contouring Comfort
Memory foam is great for contouring to your body and enveloping your body’s shape as you sleep, but for some people, there is not enough support associated with this type of mattress. A hybrid mattress allows you to enjoy the benefits of the latex memory foam without sacrificing on the aforementioned support system.

Competitive Price Tag
Memory foam mattresses can get pricey, and since mattresses are big investments, you should not commit to that price tag unless you're 100% in love with an all-memory foam option. Hybrid mattresses tend to run a little lower on the price scale than memory foam mattresses, and they're typically better options than low-end bargain memory foam.

If you've been shying away from the idea of memory foam mattresses because you think they're all the same, it is time to redo your thought process! Because a hybrid mattress allows you to enjoy the combination of memory foam and innerspring support, you have a variety of options to explore in terms of firmness.

Increased Sleep Surface
With other mattresses, you don't have continued support all the way to the edge like you do with hybrids. Because of edge support, however, your overall sleep surface is increased, giving you maximum room to stretch out and enjoy many restful nights of sleep.

Interested in learning more about hybrid mattresses? Stop by one of our Land of Sleep locations, and let us answer your questions!

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