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The Health Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable BedA big advantage of adjustable beds is that you can alter the sleeping position to fit your comfort needs precisely. An adjustable bed allows you to recline or incline your head and legs and has multiple points of articulation for various positions along with a completely flat position. This ultimate customization means that adjustable beds offer several health benefits that can improve your overall well-being.

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Alleviate Back Pain

Sleeping on an adjustable bed means that you can adjust your position to match the contours of your body and keep your back in proper alignment. This improved sleeping position can alleviate back pain as well as prevent and reduce sciatica discomfort. When you sleep at a slight incline, it helps ease the pressure on your back that can cause it to compress overnight, which makes you more vulnerable to injury when you wake up and stretch. The incline possible in an adjustable bed also means that you don't need a mountain of pillows that can lead to headaches and neck aches when used for support.

Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea

If you're someone who snores, the incline possible with adjustable beds can be an ideal solution. When you’re propped up slightly on an adjustable bed, the weight of your neck doesn't obstruct your windpipe, which effectively reduces snoring and gives you a better night's sleep.

When snoring is a result of sleep apnea, an adjustable bed can be a great help to your health as you can achieve the sleep position your healthcare professional recommends to counter obstructive sleep apnea. Changing your sleeping position doesn't help all forms of sleep apnea, so it's important to discuss proper treatments with your doctor.

Reduce Swelling

When you suffer an injury such as a sprain, break, or muscle pull, doctors often recommend elevating the injured area to reduce and prevent pain. While a cushion or pillow works when you're awake, you're likely to switch positions while asleep and lose the required support. Sleeping on an adjustable bed gives you a better elevation and helps reduce swelling from injuries.

If you're someone who works on their feet all day such as a construction worker or nurse, it's common to suffer swollen legs and feet. Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your legs to relieve the swelling and prevent issues such as varicose veins.

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