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Split Mattress: A Mattress that Works for You and Your Partner

How can you ensure quality sleep when you share your bed with a partner? It's an age old dilemma. The Three Bears from "Goldilocks" had one solution: give each partner their own bed and sleep alone! Fortunately, that's not your only option. Thanks to split mattresses, you can share your sleep space with someone else and still get a great night sleep. 

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A Variety of Sizes

Everyone likes to be able to stretch in bed, whether it's a splayed sleeping position or a nice reach accompanied by a big morning yawn. For maximum room to spread out, you might want to look for a king size. If you like to stay glued to your sleeping partner all night, a smaller size could be right for you.

Split-mattress can normally be found in three sizes: queen, king, and California king. The two separate sides making up the full mattress, when put together, will add up to your preferred size.

Easy to Move

Unlike traditional mattress options, this is not one cohesive unit. It is typically made up of two separate mattresses, so it is easy to move and place. This makes it a great option for living spaces that are pressed for space.

Totally Tech-Savvy

When you and your partner decide to buy a split-mattress, you aren't just purchasing a personalized night's sleep. You also get all the awesome bells-and-whistles that come with the split-mattress you pick out. With many, you can elevate your upper body for reading, eating, or any other activity you can dream up. If your partner's sleep schedule doesn't align with your own, you don't have to worry about waking them as you roll out of bed, and vice-versa. Some mattresses even come with built-in massagers!

Are you and your partner ready for the best night's sleep either of you have ever had? Contact or head to Land of Sleep today!

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