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Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Good Night's Sleep?


Smartphones are fun to use, but they're also addictive. Smartphones are so addictive that many users struggle to get a good night's sleep because of it. Smartphones emit blue light, and it is this light that the brain interprets as daylight.

The blue light from your phone suppresses an important hormone called melatonin. Melatonin helps maintain a good circadian rhythm and this means better sleep for you. Here are other effects of excess smartphone usage on your sleep.

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You Take Longer to Fall Asleep

 According to a study from the Public Library of Science, those who use their smartphones at night take longer to fall asleep. In this study, researchers observed 653 adults who installed apps that recorded how long their phone screens were on. The study lasted for 30 days, and out of the 136 participants who submitted information about their sleep patterns, the researchers concluded that those who used their phones the most at night had a decrease in sleep quality.


Smartphone Use Is A Culprit in Lack of Proper Sleep Among Teens

Between 2012 and 2015, there has been a major decrease in the number of teens who get the recommended nine hours of sleep at night. On the other hand, teens who reduced their excess phone usage and did other activities slept better. Teens can carry their phones to bed with them, and if they're viewing the content for hours, they're not getting the sleep they need. This leads to not having the best mornings and possibly doing poorly in school.


You Will Struggle To Feel Your Best in the Morning

Another disadvantage of excess smartphone usage at night is that you will be tired and maybe even crankier in the morning. This could result in you taking longer to carry out your regular morning routine and reporting late to work or school.


Your Health Suffers

Because of the poor sleep from excess smartphone usage, you're slowly ruining your overall health. A lack of sleep can impair your brain's function and you reduce your ability to think clearly and creatively. This also puts you at risk of heart disease, heart attacks, sleep apnea, and stroke. Some people may experience a decrease in their libido due to sleeplessness, and it affects your skin in negative ways.


Smartphones' Effects on Little Kids' Sleep

If it's not bad enough that excess smartphone usage affects adults and teens in negative ways, it might be worse for younger kids. According to a study from the University of Iowa, 90% of kids ages 2 and under knew how to operate a smartphone or iPad. Parents, educators, and psychologists are growing concerned about this addiction. When kids use their phones at night, it messes up their circadian rhythm and they're more likely to stay up later. Little kids' brains are growing rapidly, and they need adequate rest for healthy development.


It Hurts Your Eyes Long Term

When you spend more time on your phone than sleeping at night, it could speed up vision problems and maybe even blindness. A study from the University of Toledo stated that the blue light from phones could cause toxic reactions in retinal molecules. As a result, you might develop macular degeneration, an eye disease that often leads to permanent blindness.


How to Get Better Sleep at Night 

One thing you can do is place your phone in a different room to charge so that you reduce the temptation to view your favorite websites. You also want to turn off the TV, computer, and any other electronic devices in the room so that you can sleep better.

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