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Is Snoring Linked to Having a Poor Quality Mattress?

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Aug 2, 2017 10:15:16 AM

mattress causes you to snore stop snoring
You’ve tried the mouth retainer. You’ve tried the patches. You’ve tried the medications. You’ve even tried to elbow nudge your partner (which worked effectively, but only temporarily). You have searched far and wide for an answer to the age-old nighttime problem that has plagued generations of sleepers – snoring.

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The problem and resulting solution may not come from within you, however. The biggest issue leading to snoring may literally lie beneath you. Snoring occurs when your airflow becomes obstructed as you sleep. A good mattress can provide adequate spinal support that will give your spouse a restful night’s sleep and help to stop snoring. Poor mattress support can lead to poor sleep and prolonged exhaustion throughout the day.

How A Mattress Causes You to Snore

Often, a poor relining position will cause the tissue within the throat to sag. If so, your breathing pattern then becomes louder. This only worsens when your head is not properly supported. Poor head and neck support will cause the lower jaw to loll open, thus increasing the amount and volume of snoring that occurs. A mattress that does not adequately support the curvature of your back and neck can be directly tied to your snoring. Also, if your mattress is too soft, snoring can increase. More so, if your aging mattress has now developed a sag due to age, finding a proper position for optimal sleep may be impossible.

There is an Answer to the Restless Nights

Find a mattress that conforms to the natural curve of your spine. Whatever position you choose to sleep in, your spine should still maintain a straight form. This will keep your airways free of obstruction.

Snoring specialists recommend that you get a mattress in the ‘medium’ category to combat snoring. A softer mattress will cause your body to sink and become unaligned. A mattress that is too hard can cause pain that will be acutely felt the next morning.

Resolving the snoring issue will not only bring peace to a home, but will benefit your health by aiding your sleep. Finding the right mattress will help you get the rest you deserve!

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