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How Adjustable Beds Help You Stop Snoring

Adjustable beds can make a world of difference if you have moderate or occasional snoring problems. Sleeping upright is often the easiest and best way to alleviate snoring and an adjustable mattress is the only type that allows you to sleep upright at the correct angle. Of course, adjustable beds have many other benefits. They help with acid reflux, fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain and other issues.

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What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens because air flowing through the nose causes nasal and throat tissues to vibrate. It’s a common complaint, and people of all height and weight types snore. Sleeping upright on an adjustable bed can minimize the severity of your snoring.

When you sleep on your back, gravity kicks in and pulls on your tonsils, palate and tongue. These body parts crowd and constrict your airway and also provide a tighter chamber for more-intense vibrations. When you elevate your head, even slightly, gravity pulls these body parts in a different way and your airway is less congested.


How Can an Adjustable Bed Help Your Snoring?

An adjustable bed is a more-effective solution to keep your airway clear than methods such as sitting up in bed while you sleep or using many pillows to prop up your head. Sitting up on a regular mattress and/or using pillows can be hard on your back and neck.

Plus, as you fall asleep, your body relaxes and gradually slides into a prone position. Gravity ends up doing its thing anyway. An adjustable bed allows you to raise the top part of your bed while eliminating any possibility your head will slowly slide back to a position that marks a return to snoring issues.

Adjustable beds also relieve the pressure on your back and your body will become much more relaxed and comfortable.

All in all, you will achieve a better sleep with an adjustable bed. Both you and your partner will feel refreshed in the mornings with more energy, a happier life, less snoring…all because of an adjustable bed! Visit a Land of Sleep showroom to test an adjustable bed for yourself and feel the difference.

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