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Is Sleeping on the Couch A Good Idea?

It is normal to occasionally doze off on your couch, especially after a long day at work. The relaxation of the mind and the comfort provided by your sofa, explains why it is easier to sleep on the couch. But is sleeping on the couch good for you?

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Why Do You Find It Easier to Fall Asleep On the Couch?

There are several reasons why your couch might appear the most convenient place to slide into a good sleep. Here, we look at some of the most common reasons why you may prefer the couch to your bed.

1. Your Bed Is Not Comfortable

The main reason why it is easier to sleep on the couch than in your bed is the comfort derived from the two types of furniture. If you are using the wrong mattress, or your current mattress is worn-out, then your couch will be the most comfortable place to fall asleep. An uncomfortable mattress makes it hard for you to fall asleep, which explains why your relaxing sofa soothes you to sleep. Getting a good mattress can help enhance the comfort of your bed and make it the best place to fall asleep. 

2. Your Bedroom Is Too Hot or Too Cold

Sometimes, it is all about the environment in your bedroom. If the temperatures are too low or too high, then you may find it hard to get a good sleep in your bed. You will always be tempted to sleep on the couch if the living room is at the right temperature. A smart thermostat can help you fix and maintain the right temperature in your bedroom.

3. You Use Electronics in Your Bed

Your bedroom is meant for sleep. If you engage in any other activity, you may eventually find it difficult to sleep. Using electronics just before sleeping or in your bed affects your ability to sleep. The blue light from smartphones and other electronic screens alters the circadian rhythm and disrupts the natural sleeping process. bigstock-Young-Anxious-Asian-Woman-Lyin-445414496

4. Your Sleep Is Distracted

Another reason why you find it easier to sleep on the couch is distractions either from a snoring partner or a pet. Communicating with your partner about their condition, or relocating the pet can help return the comfort of your bed.

Benefits of Sleeping on the Couch

There are a few benefits of sleeping on the couch. One of the benefits is the elevated position provided by your sofa. The position allows you to drain respiratory congestion— a common flu symptom that makes it difficult to fall asleep in bed. Sleeping on the couch can also help if you suffer from sleep conditions such as insomnia.

So is Sleeping on the Couch Good for you?

While there could be some few benefits of sleeping on the couch, it could lead to long-term health consequences. The couch is not designed for sleep and converting it to a bed increases the risk of back, neck, shoulder, and leg pains. Sleeping on the couch also affects the quality of your sleep due to distractions from electronics like television. The distractions could lead to sleep deprivation, which can impact on your mental health and overall productivity.

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