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How to Care for your Pillows

When you find the perfect pillow for your preferences and particular sleep position, you want to take the best care of it so it lasts as long as possible. Although all pillows require replacement periodically for health reasons, proper pillow care helps them keep their shape and support.

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Protecting pillows
After buying a new pillow, it's a good idea to remove all tags to prevent them scratching you through the pillowcase. If you want, you can store the tag with the washing instructions for future reference. Purchase a protector for your pillows such as a plain, white zipping cover, as it works as a barrier against oil and dirt that can work their way into the fibers and filling. Get two covers for all of your pillows so you can alternate them when washing and always have protection.

Washing pillows
If your washer is big enough to fit pillows in, you should be able to launder them at home following the instructions on the original label. Make sure you use a gentle cycle to wash them and if possible, set it for two rinse cycles to eliminate any soap from the filling of the pillows. Spin dry the pillows more than once to get rid of as much moisture from the pillows as you can to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Drying pillows
Drying pillows in the machine ensures that they're not wet inside. As they're drying, fluff and turn the pillows a few times during the cycle to help them return to their original shape and to keep the filling inside loose. To ensure that the inside of all pillows are completely dry, hang them in a dry place for a few days to ensure that they're totally dry before you put cases on them and use them in bed.

Quality pillowcases
Even the most luxurious pillow doesn't guarantee comfort without the right pillowcase. Higher thread count pillowcases and even satin pillowcases can feel wonderful to sleep on. Have more than one set of pillowcases so you always have clean ones available and change them weekly to reduce dust mite allergens and keep the linens smelling fresh.

With proper care, your pillow can last for years and perfectly complement any high quality mattress you purchase from Land of Sleep. Visit our Venice or Sarasota location today to browse the luxury mattresses we have on hand to provide the ultimate night's sleep. Click below to see how you can receive a free pillow!

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