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How Healthy Are Memory Foam Mattresses?

Initially developed for NASA airplane seats, memory foam has become an essential part of the mattress and pillow world for years, but are they really healthy for you?

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What is a Memory Foam Mattress Made Of?

The material contains a soft and absorbent substance called viscoelastic. This substance allows a mattress to respond to body heat and pressure, which works to distribute body weight evenly. This makes it ideal for sleeping and easing pain.

In addition to enhancing sleep, a memory foam mattress helps your body in numerous ways. Here we look at what makes it different and unique and how you can benefit from sleeping on it. 


Memory Foam Provides Help in Many Key Comfort Areas

Memory foam brings a lot of benefits to the bedroom, such as:


Temperature Control Support 

No doubt, your body temperature can significantly affect the quality of sleep. Thanks to technology, a memory foam mattress has a temperature-sensitive material that balances temperatures according to your body heat. The cooling feature can detect your body warmth, which triggers it to become softer and more comfortable. 

With a memory foam mattress, you do not have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night due to discomfort brought about by heat. This can help you sleep more comfortably and, consequently, become healthier. 


Helps Relieve Pain 

A memory foam mattress is designed to relieve pain (including joint and muscle pain), soreness, and body aches. Typically, the material that is memory foam displaces pressure from the pain points and offers cushioning for areas that are experiencing pain. 

For example, if you have swollen joints, a foam mattress will allow blood to flow freely, thus preventing more swelling and pain.

Unlike traditional mattresses, memory foam mattresses adjust according to your needs. This guarantees you better circulation of blood, comfort, and sound sleep. More importantly, you are sure not to wake up with unusual stiffness or upper body aches. 


Memory Foam Is Hypoallergenic

Dust mites and other allergens thrive on traditional mattresses because they have large air spaces that provide excellent cover for hiding. Moreover, since they feed on dead skin cells, they tend to reproduce at a higher rate on such mattresses as we tend to leave a lot of skin cells on the cotton material used to make them. 

However, a memory foam mattress does not have large spaces due to its high-density structure, which means allergens do not have a place to multiply. This saves you from being a victim of these parasites, and consequently, guarantees you good health. 


Help With Bad Posture      

If you are there grappling with back pain and bad posture, a memory foam mattress is the solution you are looking for. This mattress adjusts to the natural contours of your upper and lower back to keep it in line. Over time, the pains you were used to will begin to fade, and eventually, they will go away for good. 

Comparatively, traditional mattresses tend to be stiff, which works to the disadvantage of your spine and back. For this reason, back pains and bad posture become a perpetual problem for you, affecting not only your sleep but also your daily life. With a memory foam mattress, you do not have to worry about your posture any longer. 


Alleviates tiredness             

More often, tiredness results in sleep disorders such as insomnia. Lack of sleep could further lead to health issues such as depression, stress, blood pressure, heart problems, and mental disorders. This means that if you keep tiredness at bay, you can be sure to have a healthy body and mind. 

A memory foam mattress typically reduces motion in bed by 80 percent, and in the process, it relaxes your muscles to help you sleep better. A good night's sleep guarantees you a morning void of tiredness and a happy and productive day. 



Undoubtedly, memory foam mattresses are the way to go if you want to boost sleep, avoid illnesses, and be more productive. Once you switch to this mattress, you will notice improvements in your sleeping patterns and overall health. Come test one today at any of our two Southwest Florida locations!


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