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How a Quality Mattress Can Remedy Your Aches and Pains

The human body is a marvelous thing. Every single second of every single day your body is engaged in several complex processes at once to keep you alive, and most of those things occur without any conscious effort on your part. The body is interconnected in ways that we do not even fully understand yet.

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Most people spend about one-third of their lives (if not more) on their mattresses. In a year, you probably spend 3,000 hours or more in bed. That's a lot of hours. All of that time has a huge effect on your body, your posture, and your muscles. A bad mattress can lead to mysterious aches and pains in parts of your body that you would never associate with a bad mattress, until you spend a few nights on a good mattress and all of those aches and pains go away.

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Many people are aware of the health hazards of poor posture during waking hours. We use special ergonomic chairs at the office, mouse-pads with wrist support, lumbar support pads, standing desks ... the list of gizmos and gadgets to improve posture and positioning during waking hours is endless. Yet these same people often throw all of those concerns out the window when it's time for bed.

A new mattress is a big expense, especially a high quality one, and it is so easy to put it off for one more year. But all the aches and pains lead you to visits with the chiropractor and massage therapist trying to work out the kinks in your back and legs. What most people don't realize is that those problems could probably be solved if they would just get a better quality mattress!

Even the experts agree, sleeping in the right position, with the right mattress, and properly positioned pillows can make all of your aches and pains go away. So if you find yourself struggling with strange pains in your body throughout the day, maybe it's time to buy a new mattress.

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