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Free Frame Fridays: Free Mattress Frame at local Sarasota Mattress Store on Fridays

Receiving the best comfort from your mattress requires a high-quality frame that can provides stability and support. Even the best mattress can sag eventually without the proper frame. Land of Sleep carries Knickerbocker bed frames, which are made in the U.S.A. and free every Friday with the purchase of a mattress.

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Heavy-Duty Frames

Frames by Knickerbocker feature the highest quality steel on the market and designs that last lifetime. They've been making frames in the U.S.A since 1919 and they offer a wide variety of frames and frame accessories that fit every imaginable mattress requirement. Their heavy-duty bed frames provide maximum support for all style mattresses.

  • Monster bedframe - The strongest bed frame available with two-inch side rails and adaptable up to California King Size bedding.
  • Ultima bedframe – A deluxe bed frame for twin through king, made of high carbon rail track steel with pedestal legs, dual beam central support and deluxe rug rollers.
  • Rock bedframe - A 3-in-1 bedframe that goes up to queen size, features a vertical central support, pedestal legs and glide feet ideal for hard floors.

EmBrace Frames

An innovative bedframe design for the 21st Century, Knickerbocker's emBrace mattress support system features several stylish and functional features. This style of frame is so fashionable and sleek that you don't need to cover it with cumbersome, dust-catching bed skirts. Made of the same high quality steel rail as all Knickerbocker frames, the emBrace can hold over 2000 pounds. This frame comes in white, gray, brown and black to coordinate with your bedroom décor. It creates a visually appealing platform for your mattress. You don't need tools to assemble the emBrace, which makes it easy to install and relocate. There are no sharp edges to worry about as a polymer coat completely surrounds the metal rails. The polymer encasing also eliminates noise and works well on all types of flooring. Unlike other frames that may not extend all the way to the edge, the emBrace features seat edge support that provides a stable base for the mattress and prolongs the life of the box. The stylish appearance of the emBrace requires no bed skirt cover, which is more hygienic and makes under bed cleaning much easier.

When it's time for a new mattress, it's time to upgrade your existing frame to provide proper support. Free frame Fridays from Land of Sleep in Sarasota is the perfect time to shop.

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