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Free Frame Fridays: How to Know Which Frame is Right for You

Land of Sleep's Free Frame Fridays is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your current mattress set to something that's comfortable, durable and supportive. As you research the type of mattress you want, make sure you also consider the bed frame that will work best.


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Type of Bedroom

Choose a bed frame in a style that fits the room. A guest room bed may benefit from a simpler frame, while a master suite may need a frame that can support a headboard and footboard. When you choose an emBrace frame by Knickerbocker, your frame is durable, supportive and sophisticated enough to stand alone without bed skirt, headboard or footboard.

Available Space

Map out the space in the bedroom before selecting a mattress and coordinating frame to ensure you still have room to move. Although you may have always dreamed of owning a king-size bed, if having one eliminates space for a dresser, nightstands and other furniture, you may have to reconsider.

Room Decor

A standard bed frame may need a bed skirt to coordinate with a room's decor, but this type of bedding can gather dust and allergens. Choosing an emBrace frame by Knickerbocker eliminates the need for a bed skirt. The contoured elegance and color options of the emBrace make it the perfect fit in any bedroom.

Frame Mobility

Free frame Fridays and free mattress delivery, setup and removal mean you won't have to worry about the heavy lifting and assembly, but frame mobility is still important. If you like to rearrange furniture, consider a frame with casters. There may come a day when you need to move your bed from one room to another or move out of the house entirely and having an easy to assemble frame like the emBrace that goes together tool-free is extremely helpful.


Mattresses endure a lot of wear so you want a frame that can support them reliably and safely. The emBrace frame has virtually no exposed metal edges and this ensures that children and adults never have to worry about catching themselves on sharp frame areas. The emBrace frame and all Knickerbocker frames provide proven support for all size beds and their sturdy construction can survive playful kids and regular daily use. The emBrace frame eliminates noise to ensure a quiet night's sleep.

Take advantage of Land of Sleep's free frame Fridays to upgrade your mattress and frame for improved sleep.


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