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Why Buy a Knickerbocker Bed Frame

A mattress has a big impact on your quality of sleep, but the frame on which it rests is also very important. You want a high-quality, durable frame that doesn’t squeak to provide the best possible base for your bed.

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Knickerbocker is a fourth-generation family-owned company that’s been a premier manufacturer of bed frames since 1919. The company is dedicated to the highest level of quality, engineering, durability, and craftsmanship. Knickerbocker bed frames offer many advantages, including the following:

Products are American-made
Knickerbocker is the only bed frame supplier that manufactures all of its products in the United States.

They’re environmentally friendly
A Knickerbocker bed frame is made from recycled railroad steel that’s heated, sheared, and rolled in Pennsylvania.

They’re strong and durable
The metal that’s fabricated is called angle iron, and it’s incredibly strong and durable. The railroad steel has a high carbon content, so it starts out strong, and the rolling process make it even tougher. As a result, Knickerbocker bed frames are built and designed to last a lifetime.

They combine beauty with strength
Knickerbocker frames are technologically advanced as well as beautiful. Depending on the model, you can choose from features such as contoured side rails, tapered legs, and appealing colors.

Knickerbocker bed frames are quiet and sturdy
A Knickerbocker frame makes no noise. They’re designed to eliminate the sound that comes as result of contact between the bed and foundation. They don’t flex and have no hard edges.

They’re versatile
Some models are designed to be free-standing – without a headboard or foot board – if you’d prefer more space. You can put them on hardwood floors or carpet without fear of damaging your flooring surface.

For more information about Knickerbocker bed frames, contact Land of Sleep. We have a location in Venice as well as Sarasota, and we also take phone orders. Land of Sleep offers free same-day delivery and set-up, and we’ll even haul your old mattress away.

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