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Five Scientifically Proven Benefits of Getting Quality Sleep

In a recent survey published by the National Sleep Foundation it was revealed that forty five percent of Americans feel as though inadequate or insufficient amounts of sleep are affecting their performance at least one day per week. Related Blog: Can Room Temperature Affect Your Quality of Sleep


We all understand that getting enough sleep and quality sleep is imperative to our ability to function and thrive in a variety of circumstances in our daily lives, however, many of us still may not understand just how beneficial sleep is to us and the advantages that getting a good night's rest can offer the following day. We'll examine five of the most pronounced advantages of quality sleep below and just how adequate rest can aid us, our bodies, and our minds, throughout the daily grind and in various facets of our lives. 

Adequate Sleep Boosts Productivity

Through a myriad of studies the National Sleep Foundation has begun to compile a list of various aspects that quality sleep effects including:

  • Enhancing recovery when distracted from a task
  • Lowering rates of job burnout
  • Increasing our ability to make better decisions
  • Memory Improvement
  • Lowering the rate of mistakes

All of these sleep advantages work to heighten our ability to focus, our drive to succeed, and our capacity to check off more of those important to-dos. In the National Sleep Foundation survey mentioned above it was also discovered that of those who are reported to have excellent sleep health, ninety percent feel as though they are highly effective at accomplishing the tasks they need to throughout the day. 


Quality Sleep Lowers Stress Levels

When the body begins to enter the first level of the sleep cycle various relaxing hormones are released to aid us in falling asleep better and adapting to the state of sleep. Attempting to go on little or inadequate sleep for long periods can cause the body to enter into a 'high stress zone' due to the lack of production of these hormones. Being in this mode can greatly increase the risks of high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression, among many other negative health effects, and can actually make it harder to fall asleep overall. 


Better Sleep Health Helps to Regulate Weight

Sleep has been shown to have profound effects on how our body regulates weight and combats damaging fat production. Poor sleep habits have been exhibited to have a profound impact on two of the body's hormones that aid in appetite control, Leptin and Ghrelin. This has led researchers to establish cohesive links between obesity and unhealthy sleep patterns. Knowing this we can begin to see just how detrimental adequate and quality sleep is to our overall health and wellness.


Sleeping Well Aids Cognitive Ability

As was mentioned briefly above, sleep has a variety of effects on how our brain's function and our cognitive abilities. During the deep sleep state of the sleep cycle, our brain repairs, consolidates, and enhances a multitude of functions in a process known as memory consolidation. Entering this state four to five times per night is essential in enhancing a variety of cognitive abilities including, but not limited to, the brain's processing of events, analyzation of emotions, memories, and feelings, and making connections. Though scientific research has yet to fully understand why we dream, it is often speculated by researchers that dreaming, which occurs when we enter the deep sleep state, aids in promoting these processes.


Getting Better Sleep with Land of Sleep

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