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Different Types of Pillows and How to Choose the Best One

Posted by Lisa Floyd on Mar 17, 2015 10:52:43 AM

pillow typesA pillow is not just a pillow and choosing the right one can mean the difference in a good nights sleep or waking up with an achy neck. There are many different types of pillows to choose from, but which kind is the perfect pillow for you?

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Memory Foam
The idea behind memory foam is that is self-adjusts to body contours and reduces pressure on sensitive areas. Memory Foam pillows are the same, they contour to your neckline, providing perfect support.

Feather Pillows
Feather pillows do actually provide a good level of support. Good quality feather pillows are made with highly curled feathers that are typically very small. The best way to know you are getting good quality is to put pressure on the feather pillows, you should not be able to feel the quills through the cover.

Microbead Pillows
The Microbead pillows are made with small, unexpanded EPS beads. They are designed for a firm support. If you prefer a more firm pillow for head and neck, these pillows are just right.

Neck Pillows
Neck pillows are designed especially for people with back problems that need pillows to support their spine. These pillows are meant to provide support for the head and neck in a specific way.

Body Pillows
Many people love the Body pillows for personal comfort, they like to hug them. They do also provide support for hips, these pillows are long and can be placed in between the legs.

Wedge Pillows
Wedge pillows are perfect for those with reflux issues and for those that enjoy sitting up in bed. Those that love to read enjoy these pillows. They are also used to elevate legs or feet. Generally Wedge pillows are made of foam, polyester fiber fill, or both.

Pregnancy Pillows
For pregnant women there are two forms of pregnancy pillows that help for support and comfort. The first is a small wedge that is used in the second trimester usually. This wedge supports the belly for a comfortable rest. The second pillows are body length, usually 54 inches, basically just like the body pillows. It is good to use these pillows to reduce pressure on the lower back.

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