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The Amazing Things Our Bodies do While We Sleep

During sleep our bodies are just as productive as they are during the day. Many essential functions and events occur while we sleep, these functions maintain our body's health and also help us to heal. The following list of things that occur while we sleep will help you to understand how important sleep is to our overall health. Hopefully, it will help you to properly prioritize sleep and realize that good sleep often leads to a good life. 
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Muscle Growth

Everyone knows that going to the gym and eating well leads to bigger muscles. Many people don't understand the role that getting a good sleep plays in muscle development. This article from the National Federation of Professional Trainers explains how important sleep is for muscle growth and overall fitness. 

While we sleep the blood supply to our muscles increases. This promotes healing and restoration, especially after you pushed your muscles to the limit in an intense workout. Sleep is when the body recovers from this intense physical activity. Adequate sleep allows for adequate recovery and stronger muscles. Additionally, the human body releases important growth hormones during sleep. These hormones are essential for proper muscle growth. 


Appetite Suppression

Staying on the subject of health and fitness, sleeping also plays a role in suppressing appetite. While we sleep our body works to regulate two hormones, ghrelin and leptin, that cause us to feel hungry or full. An imbalance in these hormones can wreak havoc on our system and cause us to eat when we don't really need to. This leads to weight gain, which often goes hand in hand with sleep deprivation. Sleep also affects the body's metabolism, how our bodies use and convert food into usable energy. Sleep is a vital need for our body, just as food and water. When any one of those three things are in deficit our bodies cannot function properly. 


Brain "Cleaning"

Our brains require sleep as much as, or more than, any other part of our body. During sleep our brain regenerates, in a manner of speaking. Research indicates that our brains function much worse when it is deprived of sleep. Sleep deprivation prevents you from understanding concepts and it severely damages the ability to remember information. Renowned Medical Institution Johns Hopkins also suggests that while we sleep the brain cells remove waste products from within. This is very important for proper brain function and allows us to think more clearly. According to their research, this "brain cleaning" is less likely to happen while we are awake. 


Your Immune System is In High Gear

The immune system is highly active during sleep. It releases molecules called cytokines which help your body to fight off infections. The immune system also releases pathogen specific antibodies to fight off any foreign bodies within the body. A lack of sleep will prevent some, or all of these, defense mechanisms from being produced. This leaves the body more susceptible to sickness and infection. 

Our bodies do amazing things each day. However, they cannot function at a high level without proper sleep. Sleep affects nearly every aspect of life, including fitness, brain function (ability to reason and think logically), as well as immune function. Since sleep is so important to our health, it makes sense to invest in products and technology that can help us to sleep better. A good mattress is well worth its price because it has the potential to improve every area of your life. If you are having trouble sleeping, read over the amazing things that occur during slumber and make whatever changes are necessary to improve your sleep and your life.

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